The Rocco Report: 36 Weeks!

Rise and Shine, squeezers! We made it to 36 weeks! Exactly three more weeks until we get to meet Rocco! Unreal how nine months has flown by in the blink of an eye! I have some OB updates for you, including a Rocco weigh-in (these weigh-ins are strangely starting to resemble a baby version of The Biggest Loser). 

Last Thursday, I went to the very ‘colorful’ Hialeah Hospital for a sonogram (any Miami resident familiar with the city of Hialeah knows just what I mean by that adjective- for those that don’t, the city is a mash-up of interesting personalities, predominantly Cubans, old and young, who make people-watching an Olympic sport). The point of the sonogram was to get Rocco weighed and measured- they call the business of big babies Macrosomia ( Well, at almost 36 weeks, Rocco was weighing 6 pounds and 7 ounces, so basically a little over six and a half pounds. He’s in the 71 percentile for weight! We got a big baby on our hands with three weeks to go! 

The next step was seeing Dr. Bonilla for my weekly check-up and going over the results from the sonogram! I love going to see Dr. Bonilla because she’s got some amazing bedside manner and she takes the time to explain everything in detail to you. Coco came with me to yesterday’s appointment so we both got a rundown. 

So in a nutshell, my induction date still stands for September 8th (if I’m not dilated) or September 9th (if I am dilated), unless I give birth on my own beforehand. When you are dealing with an elective induction or C-section, by law you can’t go earlier than 39 weeks, unless I go into labor on my own. And whether the birth will be a C-section or vaginal birth like Maya, that will be determined as we get closer to induction date. So for now, it’s a ‘wait and see’ game! 
And you know I wasn’t going to leave that appointment without my 4D photos of Rocco Sebastian! Between my Hialeah Hospital appointment and my visit to Peek in a Pod in South Miami, I got some fairly decent shots of our little boy (! Pretty evident that he’s running out of room so he looks a little squashed. He’s already in position and I’m definitely feeling him move around trying to find comfortable positions. Each time we put up the 4D feature, he’s either laying on his placenta like a pillow or has his hands covering his face! 

It’s the face of an angel or a baby supermodel- both work! But you can’t deny those gorgeous Buccio lips! He’s got big cheeks, and a tiny nose! I can’t wait to kiss that face of his! I show Maya his pictures and she says, “Awww he’s so cute! When is he coming out?!” 
My heart melts thinking of these two together. But I also occasionally freak out when the reality of ‘holy sh$%t! It’s two kids now’ hits me. 

That’s all for today’s photo blog and update! Next week I’ll be talking ‘pregnancy pampering’ and rounding up my favorite spots for pre-natal massages. Speaking of, I’m running out to get one right now! 

Bumpin’ Love,

Rocco’s mom.