The Rocco Report: 32 Weeks

We are coming down to the finish line, squeezers! And I am one anxious and supremely excited momma waiting in the wings! 32 weeks and we are down to the single digit countdown. It’s all full speed ahead from here! 

We’ve been in New York now for the past two weeks (hence my post lateness) and I’m actually writing this week’s post from the plane while Maya sleeps on top of me (two Disney movies in and she’s down for the count). We’ve had an amazing time celebrating Gina and Guapo’s wedding, Rocco’s sprinkle, and even squeezed in Coco’s 20 year reunion amongst all the sightseeing, family and friend visits, and the restaurant hopping we did. Because really, we did A LOT of eating on this trip. We checked off a ton of restaurants on our list and even managed to have date night at one of our favorite West Village spots- Buvette ( (thank you tia Boni for babysitting)! The Buccios were everywhere- from Long Island to Brooklyn to Fire Island- we did a mini tour of NY! 

But I gotta tell you, I’m so ready to head back to Miami and get settled and sleep in our own bed and in our own place. We are so thankful for everyone’s generous hospitality, and for those who gave us free room and board wherever we went, but six places in two weeks with 6 bags of luggage, is pretty exhausting! And as you can imagine, I’m ready to nest! 

I’m so happy to share with you a little recap of Rocco’s NY sprinkle that my sister-in-law, Gina (also Rocco’s godmother)  and my closest friends and family organized! And a big thank you to my friend and fellow hot momma (and cousin by marriage), Michele Vespi, for documenting the perfect luncheon. Because of her, I’m able to give you a sneak peek of such a special day! 

Table overview!

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and I love how the hints of blue in the flowers tie-in to the ‘ready to pop’ sign! 
Rocco’s sprinkle was held at North Hills Country Club in Manhasset, Long Island ( The country club has special meaning because it’s where Coco and his sisters grew up. His grandparents were one of the first members to join, so Coco’s mom and aunt also grew up coming to the club. Coco was part of the swim team, he would play tennis, and many of his childhood friends were also from the club. So it meant a lot to him and his grandmother that we were able to do something nice for baby Rocco at a venue that has so much family history! 

I’m not big on surprises so I knew when and where we were having the sprinkle. However, I did give free range on decorations. My sister-in-law, Gina, took the lead in organizing the shower, which was extremely kind of her, considering she had her own wedding the week after. My BFF Javy, my other sister-in-laws, Coco’s grandma, and some of my closest friends (Momo, Karla, Jenna, and Bonita) helped put together the cutest mustache-themed decor for the festivities! And the decor was all a big surprise to me, so seeing it for the first time really took my breath away! It was gorgeous and very much my style! 

I was literally that excited and happy to see all the details of the sprinkle for the first time. 
All the ‘ready to pop’ signage, and the Instagram cut outs, were courtesy of my friend Momo! She’s based out of LA and couldn’t be at the shower but her presence was surely seen and felt with her creative designs! (Shop her Etsy store here ( I love the whole concept and the personal details that were spread through out! 

Love these personalized Instagram photos made by one of my BFFs, Momo. Such a unique touch! 

Baby breaths and mason jars for any occasion.
I loved the aqua mason jars topped off with baby breaths and detailed with the mustache ribbon! It was such an adorable touch! I also had baby breaths at my Miami shower but I love how they offer a different feel and style at this sprinkle. We combined them with an assortment of hydrangeas throughout the main table and it was absolutely lovely! Hydrangeas command such presence. They are such exquisite flowers- for some reason hey remind of my lazy afternoons, fresh starts, and happy summer celebrations. They went perfectly with the sprinkle’s theme! 
I present- the sweets table! Stocked with dessert and bubbles! 
Don’t you just love those mustache toppers?! 
The Cookie Monster! 
No shower is complete without a sweets table and mine was definitely a hit with partygoers! I love sweets and I love bubbles and I got to have both at the sprinkle. I have must have had three of those sugar cookies (courtesy of Melanie’s Sweets in Long Island) because they were to die for! I loved the light blue icing and fondant mustache detailing on them. It was so perfect! Even Maya got in on the cookie fun. We also had chocolate cupcakes with the mustache toppers (beware of blue icing that stains), and as favors, each guest got to take home a mini bottle of Freixenet for their personal enjoyment! I took home four- which ‘ll be taking with me to the hospital for celebratory purposes! 

Did I mention how much fun and how beautiful everything was?! We feasted on pasta, prosciutto and mozzarella paninis, salad, and veal Milanese and washed everything down with the most delicious champagne punch (of course I had to try one)! My sister-in-law and my ‘sprinkle party planning committee’ as I like to call them, did such a great job putting together a lovely affair for a very popular baby boy! Words can’t even begin to express how thankful and how overwhelmed with love and affection I am that Rocco is already so loved and wanted by an adoring fan club. 

Blessed is the understatement of the century. I cannot wait to meet him in just seven weeks (seriously, cue the waterworks)! 

Rocco’s godparents- Tia Gigi and Nino. 

One half of my party planning committee!

Bumping Love, 

Rocco’s Mom