NY Style Map: Maternity Florals in the city

Hello Squeezers! So excited to share this look with you that I shot with NYC photographer, Lindsay Madden (www.lindsaymaddenphotography.com)! It’s actually one of my favorite shoots to date! I love Lindsay’s whimsical shooting style and working with florals in any capacity, is her strong suit. She really did an excellent job of capturing the flirty and feminine essence of this maternity look! Maybe it’s the city in full bloom or the floral frock, but combined, it’s the perfect fashion recipe! 

We went back to my old hood- the upper east side- to photograph this look and it was just so picturesque with the tree-lined sidewalks, the flowers in full bloom, and the brick townhouses and stoops. Its just waiting to be a part of this maternity story! I love the upper east side (UES) because it feels like a suburb within in a city. It’s fairly quiet (as quiet as Manhattan can actually be), it’s packed with kids and families, and there’s a ton to do in the neighborhood! I’m going to share some of my favorite Upper East Side hangouts with you, which I still frequent when I come visit! 

But let’s talk fashion first! Maxi dresses are a definite must-have during pregnancy. Not only are they comfortable, but they come in so many cuts, patterns, fabrics, and prints. I find them versatile because you can effortlessly take them from season to season (think sandals in the summer, a denim jacket and booties in the spring) and from day to night with the right accessories. More importantly, they cater to a growing baby bump! 

This particular dress happens to be one of my favorite maternity dresses from A Pea in a Pod maternity ( http://www.apeainthepod.com) because I love the empire-waisted silhouette, plus it has a lot of black amongst the florals, which makes the pinks and greens of the florals really pop! I love the black sash that ties right below the breasts and it accentuates that yummy baby bump a bit more! Plus I love how my boobs look with this neckline! Hey, why not flaunt it?! 

Normally I wear this dress with my black booties, and have even donned a leather jacket over it when the temperature drops. This time, however, I paired it with gold metallic Seychelles flats, which happen to be some of the most comfortable and minimalistic sandals I own. They were a dream for walking in the city. 

This look needed bangs for me, so I brought out my trusty clip ons, my straw hat, and my 90’s inspired choker to give the look my signature lady-like edge. And introducing (for the second time) my latest cross body baby from Marc by Marc! Obsessed with this perforated white bag! I’ve been using it nonstop since I got it! 

After my shoot with Lindsay, I took this maternity chic dress for a stroll through the neighborhood and popped in and some of my favorite places! And now I want to share with you my five go-to spots (there are so many more but these are the five I frequent) when I’m up on the UES! 

Carl Schurz Park– (http://www.nycgovparks.org/parks/carl-schurz-park/) This is usually where you’ll find me when I’m too lazy to walk to Central Park or just feel like being close to home. I love that there is so much to do in this park! It sits right along the East River and it’s a great place to stroll, to meet friends, bike, and take Maya for a leisurely afternoon. It’s a scenic place to picnic with friends and also Maya loves coming to the swings here. We would often take the dogs for long walks here and even took family pictures here when Maya was 6 months old! The park is also home to Gracie Mansion, the official home of the city’s mayors since 1942. 

Alice’s Tea Cup– (http://alicesteacup.com) Step into Alice’s Wonderland in NYC for one of the most quaint and charming tea houses in the city! A visit to Alice is always on my list when I go back to visit! We used to love getting the daily fresh scones on the weekend and I love coming in here with Maya for some jasmine tea, cucumber sandwiches, and grilled cheeses! I love this place so much, I even had my baby shower here! 

Cascabel Taqueria– (http://www.cascabeltaqueria.com) We used to joke that Cascabel was our kitchen whenever we didn’t want to cook. It’s such a lively spot, with great pork tacos, watermelon-basil margaritas, and some of the best Elote we’ve ever had! When Maya was four days old, we came here and sat outside with her for some much needed tacos and drinks! We especially love the luchador theme decor at the place. I never really geek out when it comes to celebrities, but when Emma Watson (aka Hermoine Granger) sat next to us to munch on some tacos, I almost went Potter crazy on her. Almost. 

H & H bagels– (http://hhmidtownbagels.com) Everyone knows that the best bagels in the city come from H&H, just take a look at the line that forms outside the door on a weekend. You see everything from families picking up bagels, to ‘walk of shames’ trying to nurse a hangover. Their bagels are always fresh and doughy. There’s no egg sandwiches here, so don’t bother. Straight up bagels with spreads and they’re oh so good! They open early and close late. 

The Met– (http://www.metmuseum.org) You are never too far away from culture in this city and The Met is one of my favorite spots. Sometimes I just come here to walk around the museum rooms and sometimes I come to see a specific exhibit that’s being showcased. I especially love coming in the summer when they open the rooftop bar. I buy a glass of champagne, check out the city views, the art installations on the roof, and get lost for a little while in all its magic. The museum entrance fee is up to you- it’s done on a donation basis and many people don’t know that, so you don’t have any excuse to not check out some fantastic exhibits while you are here! 


On me: 

Dress- Pea in a Pod Maternity
Hat- H&M
Bangs- GBS Beauty
Sandals- Seychelles
Purse- marc by marc jacobs 

In Style,