The Rocco Report: 29 Weeks!

Hello Hello Hello! 

We’re at 29 weeks and I’m fast approaching the last and final stop of my pregnancy- the third trimester! With only 11 weeks to go, Rocco will be here before you know it. I’ve officially started the nesting process of ‘getting ready for baby’- which is basically defined by me barking orders at Coco, getting our apartment in order, getting Rocco’s clothes and necessities organized, and finishing up any last minute writing and photo projects (like Rocco’s baby book). Once we get back from New York at the end of the month, I’ll be taking a trip to storage to get our co-sleeper, momaroo, and glider- my three most essential must-haves. 

It’s been a month since I’ve given you a rundown of my monthly check-ups. This past week  I went for one with Dr. Bonilla and we went over a few things that have started to pop up during the last months of this pregnancy. Weight wise, I’ve gained three pounds. I’m now up to 128 lbs. My belly is still measuring a week ahead, which is obviously a good sign because Rocco is growing like he’s supposed to. His heartbeat is big and strong and it always bring a reassuring smile to my face to hear that. My constipation issues are back and its seriously a nuisance. For a few weeks, I’ve been dealing with a sensitive stomach, something that I never experienced with Maya. It’s hit or miss depending on the food and it’s just been so uncomfortable at times. My doctor thinks that the stomach issues and the constipation are related and expected during pregnancy for some women, but just in case, we did blood work to see if I had developed any aversions to specific foods. Unfortunately not the case (oh the joys of being pregnant)! My hemorrhoids have claimed land in my body with zero plans of vacating. I had my first bout of indigestion this past week. I’ve had some heartburn here and there- nothing a few Tums couldn’t take care of, but this specific instance beat me up. I woke up in the middle of the night with the most severe burning sensation in my chest and proceeded to throw up. I felt so much better after that, but it was quite intense. With Maya, I had heartburn throughout the pregnancy but I never threw up because of it. Goes to show you that no two pregnancies are ever alike. This pregnancy has definitely been different from my first pregnancy, but the one common thread is that overall, I have felt great. 

Can we talk about this heat? It’s disgusting. Being pregnant in Miami’s ‘hot as hell’ summer is a nightmare. And anytime someone asks me when I’m due, the first thing they say is something along the lines of ‘poor you in this miserable heat’ (thanks for the reminder). I’m sweating in the AC just thinking about it. Unless I’m at the beach, I’m trying to keep my daily activities to a minimum and if not, I try to find some cool refuge as quickly as I can before I start running out of breath. For the record (and per doctor’s orders), I’ll be spending the month of August in the pool or in a bathtub full of ice. 

How to Dress Your Bump segment with Roxy Vargas and NBC 6 in the Mix.

Earlier this week, I did a segment with NBC 6 in the Mix, showing our mommies and  mommy-to-be viewers how to dress their baby bump in the summer heat!   (!/on-air/as-seen-on/Fashion-Fix_-Dressing-Your-Baby-Bump/310727251). I teamed up with maternity giant, Destination Maternity ( and beauty app, GlamSquad (, to demonstrate three summer fashion and hair trends (all-white, florals, nautical) our fashionable preggo moms can easily sport to beat the heat! It was so much fun! 

I also treated myself to a very relaxing and soothing pre-natal massage at the Ritz Carlton Spa and laid by the pool for a couple of hours before picking up Maya at camp. We leave today for Siesta Key and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s our 4th year going to this family-friendly beach town, which boasts the #1 beach in the US, and it’s the epitome of relaxation with good friends, good food, and great weather! And the kids love it! Can’t we just leave now?! 
Just another day at the office 

Before I wrap up this post, you know I have to drop my weekly wisdom on you for some thought! This week is a personal one- laid off and pregnant. Apparently it’s a thing and it happens and I’m not alone, so I’m sharing a little bit of my story with you! 

I never thought I would get laid off, let alone laid off while six months pregnant. I had a cushy job, one that I loved, doing exactly what I wanted to do, at the company I wanted to do it at. I knew I wanted to work in TV since I was a kid. My grandfather was a sports broadcaster and I grew up watching him work behind the mic at baseball games and at radio station gigs. I wanted a piece of that. After two internships at Good Morning America and Access Hollywood in the city, I landed my first (and only) job after graduation- working my way from receptionist to producer. I loved that every day was different- a different red carpet, a different celebrity to interview, a different story to cover. I was doing what I loved to do. I had also survived six rounds of lay-offs at the peak of uncertainty in the TV business so imagine my surprise when I strolled into the office one day, oblivious to anything but my shoots, only to find out I was getting laid off because of budget cuts. I mean, I had just submitted paperwork for my four month maternity leave. I didn’t know what to say or what to do. My career and my job were a big part of my life- heck, of my identity- and now I was jobless and a little lost. 

My first thought was, ‘what am I supposed to do with all this free time?!’ That and, ‘Am I still going to get my free blowouts?’ I was about to have a baby- and now I had no job. But life goes on, and losing your job is not the end of the world. Is it nerve-wracking, an unexpected curve ball, and an annoying hurdle?! Yes to all three. But there was a silver lining to my predicament that I didn’t see until Maya was born- a flexible schedule to be with my baby. My plan was always to return to work after those first four months and I never anticipated taking longer than that. This lay-off was a blessing in disguise. Not only was it time for me to move on career wise (I got comfortable), but I got to be present for so many of Maya’s milestones I otherwise would have seen on video or through pictures. She was my partner in crime in the big city. So instead of seeing this as a personal disappointment, I saw it as some well-deserved time off. That didn’t mean that I stopped working all together. I started freelancing and picking up work with other entertainment shows and production companies. On my time off, I took etiquette classes, went to museums, movies, walks in the park, and met friends for lunch. I got a Netflix subscription and decided to watch all the Old Hollywood movies on my list that I still hadn’t seen. I knew my alone time window was slowly shrinking and I wanted to take advantage of that.  

It’s been three years since I’ve had a full-time job and I consider myself blessed. I probably wouldn’t have been able to say that when it first happened. I was to busy feeling sorry for myself and crying until I snapped back to reality. I learned so much more about myself, my determination, my resilience, and I learned that a job doesn’t get to define all of me. That was a hard one to learn. This time off has been priceless getting to be with Maya and really getting to know her as this tiny person with a big, bubbly, and sassy personality. I know that many moms don’t get that luxury so I don’t take it for granted. That’s not to say I don’t miss what I do. I miss it everyday, and that’s how I know that it’s only a matter of time before I go back once Rocco is born. I’m thankful for the freelance work- the work trips back in New York, the writing gigs, the on-air segments- because they keep me connected to something that I love to do and I want my kids to see that joy and passion of doing something that comes with a career you love. Getting laid-off, despite the growing pains, was the kick in the ass I needed, and ultimately good for me. 

Sometimes, what you want isn’t always what you need and in this case, I walked away with the grand prize- a chance to re imagine my career while getting to have the most rewarding job of them all- mom. 

Pass the wine and the gold stars! 

Bumpin’ love, 

Rocco’s Mom