The Rocco Report- 27 Weeks- Rocco’s Miami Baby Shower

Hola Squeezers! Como están?! I’m 27 weeks and at the six month mark. It sounds cliche, but the time has flown! I just got back from a few days in New York celebrating my sister in law’s bridal shower. It’s always a treat to be in the city I call home and get to be with family and friends. Though short, I’m happy to be reunited with Maya and Coco. Maybe it’s the extra surge of hormones that have taken over my pregnant vessel, but I’m highly emotional and missed them terribly. 

I’m excited for this week’s post because I get to share with you some behind the scenes of Rocco’s Miami Baby Shower from last weekend. Ricky Iglesias from Simply Captivating ( captured all the joy, the love, and the bohemian feel of this magical occasion held at Love is Blind in Coral Gables. I can’t even begin to put into words the gratitude, the big bang of love and appreciation, I have for my family and friends. I may sound like a Hallmark card when I say this, but I’m graciously reminded everyday how blessed and fortunate I am to be surrounded by an incredible support system that has done nothing but be there for me through every milestone, every heartache, and every accomplishment, that I’ve experienced in life. I can honestly say without contention, that I have the best group of girlfriends that ever walked this earth. 

If I could live in flower crowns all day, it would be in this one made especially for me by the folks at Sprout Miami. 
Boho babe in Pea in Pod Maternity. 
It all started with a theme, an idea that had been lingering in my cranial mood board. I knew I wanted something that reflected my style and my personality. I knew I wanted flower crowns. I knew I wanted everyone to wear shades of white or ivory and I knew that I wanted an assortment of field flowers to decorate the tables. I wanted to be a boho babe and I wanted the ambiance to be casual and free-spirited. I wanted it to be an intimate gathering of all the special women and mothers in my life and with the help of my party planning committee made up of my closest girlfriends and aunts, my vision for Rocco’s boho luxe baby shower came to life. Walking into the shower and seeing everything as I had dreamt it, left me speechless- in a good way. 
Burlap wrapped letters made by my friend, Krizia. 

DIY Flower Crown Stations.

 One of the things I really wanted at the shower, was a DIY Flower crown station. I wanted the guests to have a little fun and step out of their comfort zone and make their own flower crowns using pre-made flower bunches Krizia, my aunt, and I had put together the day before. We tied baby breaths, poms, baby carnations, and some fillers using tape, to make things easier for the guests. We laid out wired rope stems as the ‘crowns’ to tie the bunches to, and then looped the ends to add the ribbons, which would then tie at the back of the neck. A few simple steps and voila! You have yourself a flower crown (thanks You Tube)! It was so great seeing everyone channel their inner gypsy girl and getting into the hippie spirit. The flower crown station became a little spot for conversation, for laughs, and an unofficial meet and greet hub for guests who had never met each other.  It was definitely a conversation starter- call it a ‘team building’ or in this case, a ‘baby building’ exercise! 

Invitations by Minted. Burlap Bow by my Tia Barbie. 

Cookies and Cream cake by Bake Bar. I’m still dreaming about this cake. 

The restaurant’s chic entry room with its mosaic tiles, communal seating, and vintage accents, was the perfect back drop for Rocco’s ethereal baby bash. It’s exactly what we were looking for when we started scouting locations. Special accents like the mason jars with lace trims, the burlap and rope detailing, complimented the eclectic boho vibe of the party. 

I requested for the shower to be kid-free because I wanted everyone to enjoy an afternoon of relaxed conversation and lady dining (which included lots of mimosas and wine) without having to stress about keeping kids entertained. It was all about the women! 

Daddy to be, made a cameo with Maya at the shower, to say his hellos and see the final product. 

Blessed to call all these wonderful women my friends. 

Friends that are family. These girls are so special to me and have been with me since high school. Whenever I need them, I can always count on them. They are part of my party planning committee. 

Friendships by way of Manhattan. 

We jokingly call ourselves ‘The Real Housewives of St. Pats.’ Though we have only been friends a short while, they have become a big part of my life. This shower wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for them. 

Memories to last a lifetime. 

She’s been my best friend since I was 16. She’s my Maid of Honor, my honorary sister,  my chuch. I am blessed to have her. 

My aunt Barbie always outdoes herself. She has a heart of gold, she is talented beyond words, and will do everything to make me happy. All those flower arrangements and favors are her doing. I am so lucky to have her. ‘Abuela Betty’ as Maya calls her, is my dad’s wife. She adores Maya and the feeling is mutual. Not pictured: My tia Liza. She lives in Canada and was unable to come to the shower. But she was there in spirit and helped put together this beautiful day for me. The only thing missing was her. 
I spy some natural born hippies! So impressed with everyone’s flower crowns. 

Flower crown amazingness. My cousin, Beba. 

Not only was the conversation and chatter flowing, but so were the food and drinks. There was never an empty glass of wine or mimosa on hand. The food was delicious and everyone was raving about the Serrano ham croquettes, a Love is Blind must-have. Crispy spring rolls, a strawberry summer salad, creamy gnocchi, and caramelized mushroom pizza, were served family style for everyone’s foodie pleasure. 

I have never been in a room filled with so much love and joy. It is something that is so positively overwhelming, I cannot even begin to describe it. To  know that Rocco is already loved to such an explosive and grand capacity, fills my heart with happiness and gratitude. There are a gazillion ‘thank yous’ that keep floating in my head. There are not enough thank you cards in this world to show my appreciation to everyone who came out to celebrate with me! The anticipation of new life coming into this world is one of those beautiful moments that bring people together. I am so blessed to be so loved and to be able to share this journey with some one-of-a-kind ladies. 

Our tiniest guest, Charlie Castro.

A special thank you to – Krizia, Vivi, Tia Barbie, Tia Liza, Sole, Rebeca, Chris, Vittoria, Adriana F, Jessie, and Jenise for making my coronita shower a dream come true. I love you. 

Peace and love from all these gorgeous gypsy girls! Rocco, you are very much loved. 
Photos by: Ricky Iglesias of Simply Captivating.

Location: Love is Blind 
225 Altara Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33146

In Style, 

Rocco’s Mom 


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