The Rocco Report: 26 weeks- 4D Special!

Hello my honey boos! Did you miss me?! I did- because I couldn’t wait to share my latest post with you all! I’ve had the most incredible couple of days! This past Sunday my closest girlfriends and family hosted a beautiful boho luxe baby shower for Baby Rocco and I in Miami. It was everything I wanted and more. Next week I’ll be bringing you two special posts on the shower and my collaboration with Pea in a Pod Maternity, so stay tuned! 

Today, Coco and I went to go see our little man in 3D/4D at Ultrasound  Imaging Center, Peek in a Pod ( This was our second time at their office. A few months back, we took our families to find out the sex of our baby and it was so fun and exciting to have shared that experience with them! 
When you go to your OB’s office or to your sonogram appointments at the hospital, 3D/4D is not always an option (it really depends on the technician and the facility), and as your baby gets into those late 20 and 30 weeks and they have a little more fat on them (and are looking less like gremlins) it’s so surreal to see their changing form and features as they  grow and reach full development. And the reality is you want to see your baby. You want to know what you’re having, see how they look, who they look like, whose nose they have, and what they’re doing in your belly all tied up like a pretzel. 

Peek in a Pod Ultrasound Imaging in South Miami give parents-to-be an opportunity to spend some quality time with their unborn baby in a serene and safe space. 

I found Peek in a Pod almost two years ago while I was still living in New York, and I was researching 4D centers for my pregnant aunt who lived in Miami (Peek in a Pod also does 2D and 3D ultrasounds). I had done two sessions at a NY location and I raved about what an amazing experience it was for Coco and I and I wanted my aunt to have that moment as well during her pregnancy. After researching and calling a few local facilities, nothing compared to Peek in Pod. Starting with the attentive service the moment you make your appointment with owner, Danielle, the whole process was serenely blissful and as smooth as a baby’s bottom! It’s centrally located in the South Miami/ Coral Gables area and you can schedule a gender reveal appointment as early as 15 weeks! This is glorious for those really impatient mommas-to-be that basically need to know what they’re having the moment they pee on a stick (Ahem….me). 

These 4D appointments are not meant to be weekly appointments. They are meant to be special moments enjoyed here and there throughout your pregnancy and Peek in a Pod strives to give you that unforgettable experience from the moment you step into their upscale calming waiting room. Once inside the sonogram room, there are couches and pillows in front of a large screen so that your guests (bringing loved ones is encouraged but not necessary) can sit and watch the big show. The room is dim and inviting and definitely not as sterile as a doctor’s office- think of it more as a cozy living room or an intimate spa! A highly trained diagnostic medical sonogram technician is on hand to perform your sonogram and you have the choice between a 15 minute or a 30 minute session. 

One of the best things about Peek in a Pod is how patient the staff is! Most of the time, babies aren’t really cooperative. They got hands covering them, they’re playing with the umbilical cord, facing towards your back and you can’t really see them or get a good look at them. The technician will let you rest and take a little break (a good time for you to drink some water, move around, shake your belly) in hopes of getting a better look at your baby! Drinking water is key, and make sure you start doing so from the night before. Liquids like juice and soda may cloud the fluid surrounding the baby and you may not get a clear view so it’s important to stick to regular H2O! 

So when it the time came to ‘meet’ our little boy at 26 weeks (about the same time we went in for Maya’s session), scheduling an appointment with Peek in a Pod was a no brainer. I usually opt for the $99 ‘Sweet Pea’ Package, which includes a 15 minute session in 2D, 3D, and 4D, a CD with all images and videos, and two color photos that are printed for you before you leave! Other specials and packages are available and you can find those on their site ( 

So here’s how our session went! 

Check out my cute slanted nose- just like my big sister! 

Baby Vinyasa- Pose 27- Feet in Face. 
Our session started with feet everywhere- literally. Rocco had both his legs up in the air and his feet in his face, which was obstructing any view of his facial features. He’s a rock-hard sleeper so any belly jiggling did very little to change his position. He was quite happy and comfortable in this yet to be determined yoga pose. 

His nose bears a very striking resemblance to Maya’s nose from what we can see. He likes sleeping with his arms behind his head, just like Maya used to sleep even after she was born! Poor Coco. He’s beginning to think his genes have been trumped once again by mine. Maybe he’ll get lucky if we ever have a third. 

Sweet angel snuggled up inside his seriously small studio apartment (aka my belly).

Once we realized he had zero plans to be a team player, I took a break and grabbed some quick lunch downstairs, drank some more water, and did a few stretches to see if anything would get this kid moving or at least repositioning his legs. The tiger mom in me expects excellence even in utero! 

The break definitely helped! While it wasn’t a complete full frontal view, we did manage to grab some shots of his sweet little face, his hands, and that cute button nose. Round two was a success! He even yawned a couple of times and I fell in love all over again. This is what I love most about these sessions! I feel like I have some uninterrupted quality time with my handsome man, even if it’s on a tv screen. For that moment, it’s just him and I, and I got to stare at him and be with him as he comfortably hangs out and nothing makes me happier. 

Part two of our ultrasound session went a lot better than part one! You can see a face!

Look ma! Muscles! Must be all that McDonald’s you ate during the first trimester.

My session went well over 15 minutes and never once did I feel pressured to wrap things up. Appointments are scheduled with enough time in between so expectant parents don’t feel rushed! At the end of my session, I received an envelope with my CDs and my photos and I was happily on my way! 

I’ve sent several friends to Peek in a Pod and they’ve had wonderful experiences. It’s a center I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for that magical one-on-one 4D session with their baby-to-be. Tell them Kathy, the Freshly Squeezed Fashionista, sent you! 

Coco and I will be coming back at week 32 or 33 to see our little boy! And maybe, just maybe, some of Coco’s genes will make a special cameo! 

Maya to the left (27 weeks) and Rocco to the right (26 weeks). It’s a little hard to tell, but I see a strong resemblance amongst these Buccio Babes! What do you think?

Visit Peek in a Pod at: 
Riviera Plaza 
1560 South Dixie Highway, Suite 212
Coral Gables, Florida 33146
Phone: 786-953-7633

Bumpin’ Love, 

Rocco’s Mom