Miami Style Map: A Buccio Family Beach Escapade Just In Time For Mother’s Day

I’m so excited to share my latest family session with you all! 

I teamed up with Natalie of Suna Photography, (, who’s photographed some of the looks on my blog, to capture some snapshots of our family to commemorate Maya turning 3! It’s just bananas how big she’s getting and with her hair slicked back like a prima ballerina, she looks older and more sophisticated (with a witty sense of humor)! Where did my little girl go?!

I wanted to go back to the Key Biscayne Lighthouse because it is such a breathtaking landmark, and one that Coco had never visited. I thought it would fit our family perfectly and after seeing these photographs, I was right! 

I wanted Maya to be able to run around, explore, and have fun in her natural habitat (the kid is a water bug) and have Natalie capture those special moments. So many of these shots are candid shots, which unknowingly to us, Natalie was shooting. Some of my favorites are the ones of Maya loving on my belly and ‘her baby Rocco’ as she affectionately calls him. 

This historic brick house sits on the lighthouse property and during the week, you can pop in for a history tour of the grounds. Looking through these pictures, it’s surreal to think that we will soon be a family of four. It makes me so excited, happy, nervous, and terrified. I’m running the gamut of emotions- wondering how life will be with two kids, how Coco and I will juggle it all, what kind of sister Maya will be, and the most important question of all, who will Rocco look like. Ha! Considering Maya is all me (as Coco says, ‘you made this baby all by yourself’), I hope he looks slightly like Coco or we’ll end up on one of those notorious Jerry Springer ‘who’s your daddy’ shows! 

How precious is this photo of Coco and Maya by the lighthouse? She is such a daddy’s girl and Coco eats it up! If there’s another woman in his life, it’s this kid. She ran away with his heart. Watching these two together- whether it’s watering our micro-garden, singing songs, baking cookies- makes my heart melt. They have their own little thing, which is only between them, and I find it so heartwarming and special. It’s the only time I don’t care about being left out. I’m blessed to have him- not only as my husband and best friend- but he’s the most incredible and loving father. He is Mr. Mom. 

These have to be some of my favorite photos of the bunch. I had no idea Natalie had shot some of these, which makes them even more unique and powerful. I love when Maya kisses my belly, rubs it, and pretends she’s feeling Rocco kick or move. She gives me these surprised faces and tells me, ‘mommy, he’s moving!’ Then she’ll say, ‘Good Morning, Rocco!’ even if its evening. 

She has such a personality this kid! She’s got the performance gene in her- like her dad’s side of the family. She’s spunky, independent, and so engaging, which is evident from her ‘Zealander’ poses she was dishing out on the boardwalk. 

My favorite photo is the one of her hugging me. I can tell you exactly what I was feeling at that very moment- unconditional love. Time stood still at that second when she threw her little arms around my belly and laid her head on my chest. My heart exploded. Loving this little nugget is the greatest source of love and happiness I have ever experienced. I can’t imagine what loving two will do to me! 

I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day this weekend. I haven’t been able to say that in years. Mother’s Day often comes in the form of dread for me. It’s the only day in the year that just knocks the wind and joy out of me, since my mother died. It’s the one day I often wished I could fast forward. But since having Maya, it has taken on a new life form. Maya made my heart whole- made me celebrate the gift of being reborn as a new woman- as a mother. I feel even more so connected with my own mom through Maya and knowing that I get to spend the day with her and get all that silly love in return. It makes me wish for Mother’s Day every day. 

I’ll get more into detail  about Mother’s Day on this week’s Rocco Report so don’t miss it! As far as the outfit, keep your eyes peeled. I’ll be posting all those details (and new photos) in the coming weeks! 

To all those mommas, grandmamas, mommas to be, honorary mommas, godmothers (I can go on and on!), I hope you enjoy a truly special and memorable day with all the women and children in your life. Life begins with a mother- the greatest gift that God can give. 

In Style,