Miami Style Map: Crop Tops and Parking Lots

It’s the trend that refuses to die- crop tops. They have a love/hate relationship with the fashion world, garnering either ‘modern glam’ praise or ‘teenage nightmare’ disdain. Is there a happy medium for crop tops? Is there an age limit? Are they just as appropriate for cocktail hours as they are for brunch? I think the answer lies in how you wear them and how ‘cropped’ are these itty bitty tops.

When you’re young, beautiful, and have zero cares in the fashion world, you have the ability to experiment with style and take some age-appropriate fashion risks. Hence, the flurry of crop tops being sported by teenage girls everywhere. I’m sure we’ve all seen many of those barely there tees splashed with bands most of these kids have never heard or a selection of phrases like ‘coffee first’ or ‘I woke up like this,’ paired with tiny lace shorts or low-waisted jeans. That’s cool when you’re 17 or 18 years old, but when you’re in your 30’s, it’s time to reinvent the look and make it work for you! You have to figure what is the best way to wear a crop top without desperately looking like a school girl.
 First, think of how you would pair your crop top. If you want midriff action, pair underneath a boyfriend blazer and some skinny jeans. If you’re channeling a more ladylike look, wear it with a pretty midi-skirt. Opt for something with volume. Not only is it feminine, but it also adds a unique illusion of proportions to the eye. For the body-con brave, a matching set is more your speed. I love to see a form-fitting sets in an eye-catching print, a bright solid, and even a stark white. It’s modern, sexy, and still very much luxe.

I fell in love with this grey neoprene crop top at Bloomingdales because I loved the cut and it was a more contemporary style than what I normally gravitate towards. I did pair it with a bohemian Free People lace skirt that I can wear slightly high-waisted. I’m not into showing too much midriff when I wear crop tops- just enough for a sneak peek (oh how times have changed). And if you follow my blog, you’ll remember that I wore this top with a black and white midi skirt and Louboutin heels,  demonstrating how easy it is to take the crop top look from day to night.

And who knew parking garages can serve as killer backdrops! My photographer, Raquel ( and I, didn’t plan for this but it ended up working so well with this look. It’s bohemian-meets-industrialized with a nice Miami Beach skyline. The muted color palettes was an added perk. I’m digging these parking lot location shoots!

Let’s wrap up this post with some awesome accessories! One of my favorite pieces are these H&M cuffs, which I’ve actually resorted to wearing only one because the left cuff almost left me with permanent ear damage! But I like the one cuff look, so it unintentionally became a thing. I added a Vida Kush chain choker black fishnet stockings, and my favorite Steve Madden booties! 

Crop tops can be such a fun outfit choice for women of any age if styled with proper taste! Remember your age. Know your body and what kind of cut and fit would work best for you! Now that I’m pregnant and my belly is growing at lightning speed, those crop tops are starting to look more like bras- so off they go to the back of my closet where they’ll be stored for the next 6-9 months!

On Me: 

Crop top- Bloomingdales 
Skirt- Free People
Boots- Steve Madden
Tights- T.J Maxx
Choker- Vida Kush
Ear Cuff- H&M 

In Style,