A 70’s inspired morning on the Boardwalk with Marimekko

Hello Squeezers! I’m starting this post with a peppy greeting to you all! Hop you’re feeling fresh, feeling happy, and if you’re in those cold climate states, I hope you’re feeling the first flutters of spring, even if it comes in 40-50 degree weather. If that doesn’t have you looking forward to warmer temperatures, I’m sure this Marimekko dress will! 

For my latest brand collab, I teamed up with Finnish brand, Marimekko, popularly known for their bold and iconic prints and they never disappoint! Whether you fall into a classic category like black and white or maybe you like channeling that 60’s mod girl with geometric patterns, Marimekko covers the spectrum of innovative designs and pops of color.  

So when Marimekko sent me this psychedelic shift dress, splashed with shades of black, white, sky blue, and pale pink, I felt like I jumped into a time machine back to the 70’s.This dress is vintage magic! And how perfect does it look photographed on the Miami Beach boardwalk?! The color palette of the dress makes me think of seascapes and coastal town postcards (deep thoughts). 

My photographer, Raquel and I (www.raquelzaldivarphotography.com) took advantage of the beautiful, sunny day and headed to the boardwalk to give this dress the tropical razzle dazzle it deserved. I mean, the ocean is literally sparkling. It’s not even photoshopped. If it’s one thing New York doesn’t have that Miami does is gorgeous beaches. Hands down. 

To keep with the 70’s trend, I kept my hair sleek and as straight as I possibly could considering the Miami humidity. I added these nude Forever 21 sunnies and bright purple lips to contrast with the black and white of the dress. 

I took a different style approach when it came to the shoes. I love these metallic Steve Madden slip-ons because they’re cool, sporty, and effortlessly chic and I love how they look paired with the Marimekko dress. I love meshing different styles and seeing how they work together. Add some socks and boom! I just added my own freshly squeezed touch. 

And I haven’t even mentioned the best part of this dress- POCKETS! Yes, pockets. 
I know. I’m just as psyched.  

So as we change out our wardrobes to make room for some new, fun, summer looks, make sure to invest in one or two key pieces that you’ll wear more than a handful of times- think a great pair of white jeans, a killer pair of nude wedges, and oh, this kick ass Marimekko dress that will take you through all the seasons. 

Side note:  it’s less than $200! 

On Me: 

Dress- Marimekko dress
Slip ons- Steve Madden 
Sunnies- Forever 21 

In Style,