Miami Style Map: Smelling the Roses at South Pointe Park

At first glance, the backdrop looks like manicured stadium seating at the Colosseum. But alas, we are not in Rome. However, we are in the picturesque grounds of South Pointe Park- tucked away behind Smith and Wollensky on Miami Beach. And I am a bit embarrassed to admit, this was actually my first time here. Thanks to my photographer, Lizzie’s, urging (, we shot two looks (and two completely different settings) at the park. It was hard for me to focus because the views are just breathtaking- a postcard come to life. Every few seconds I would childishly shout out, “OMG, look at the water! or “Look over there! It’s beautiful!” If it’s one thing I can’t argue about Miami Beach, is that it boasts some of the most spectacular and scenic views I’ve ever seen. 

I scored this vintage rose-themed top from French 75 Vintage at the Lincoln Road Street Market. Actually, it was my better half, Coco, who picked it out. Not bad, husband! How many of you have let your significant other pick out or even buy clothes for you? I have, on that rare occasion. Thankfully, Coco has good taste and the few things he has purchased for me, I’ve loved and still wear (But there was that orange and turquoise necklace he bought me when we first started dating that was a bit questionable. Hmmm…) The roses on the blouse compliment the green of the landscape, as do the lines on both the top and the concrete benches. I paired the blouse with my high-waisted black pants. Figured I wear these before I have to retire them for the next 6 months. 

For this look, the accessories and the hair were just as important in adding character and feel to the outfit. For the fab braids, I used the services of Glam Squad, which is basically Uber for hair and makeup. As a fashionista who’s all about convenience, Glam Squad will come to you, wherever you are (office, home, hotel, etc) and whip you up into glam shape. All you have to do is download the app on your phone and the rest is cake! And you can even book same day like I did. I had a stylist at my house in the morning and in less than an hour, my hair was done and I was off to my shoot. 
A pop of red lips and my Gap sunnies, and voila! I was ready to hit the sunny streets. 

All this easy 1-2-3 shopping extends to my jewelry as well. These earrings are courtesy of Rocksbox. Every few weeks or so, I get a box with three different accessories (earrings, bracelets, necklaces) that have been tailored to my style and selected by one of their trusted stylists. And because you never know what you’re going to get, every shipment is a surprise. Basically it’s fun to get the mail again. 

And my trusted Sam Edelman loafers via (, never fail me. Black and white are a classic pairing and never go out of style. These will add a touch of masculinity to any look. 

On Me: 

– Blouse- French 75 Vintage
– Pants- H&M
– Shoes- Sam Edelman via 
– Sunnies- Gap
– Earrings- Rocksbox 
– Clutch- H&M 

In Style,