Miami Style Map: Singing the Blues in Surfside

My friends say I need a little push to walk on the ‘wild side’ from time to time. And this is most likely true. I can be a real square on occasion. Living on the ‘wild side’ doesn’t really appetize me. I like to follow rules, not break them. And if I do, there’s got to be some good logic behind it. I was that girl who never went to the principal’s office, always followed directions, and brought home kick ass report cards. And damn proud of it. 

So imagine my trepidation when Lizzie, my photographer from, suggested we lay claim on this retro bungalow in Surfside. Our shooting location, she tells me. “But Liz, SOMEONE lives here. It’s trespassing.” And out comes that good girl I was telling you all about and here’s how it went inside my head for twenty seconds, “we can’t shoot here, it’s not our house! do you know the people that live here? can we get arrested? what if they shoot us? what if the neighbors say something?” Neurotisicm at it’s finest. 

Finally after several nudges, pushes, and a even a “get over it,” she started clicking away. And sometimes, that little push is all you need in order to get some magical results like these! 

There is so much character to be found in one single shoot, starting with the standout aqua color of this sweet adobe! It’s sensational- there’s no better way to describe it. Two things came to mind when I first saw this house- 1) how much it reminded me of that infamous W Mag spread with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie during the ‘breakup heard round the world.” And 2) If Norman Rockwell decided to use Miami Beach in his 1950’s All-American family portraits, this would probably be the kind of house he would feature. 

With that being said, it’s no surprise that this Miami-modern casita was the other leading lady during our session, and we definitely took advantage of the all that it’s exterior had to offer. 

I love the contrast of the dressed up look against the distressed and aged appearance of the home. I also love this full print black and white skirt not only because it has a slight touch of 1950’s modernism, but because it has POCKETS! I’m pocket-crazy! 

The versatility and print of the skirt makes it a classic staple that can be worn many different ways. I paired mine with a cut off jeweled crop top in another classic color- grey. This look leans toward the modern, and yet it still works with my everyday style. 

I accessorized this look with these beautiful earrings courtesy of Rocksbox, my Rebecca Minkoff red cross body, and my electric blue Louboutins for some pop of color, and my vintage Pixie Market frames. Also, can you spot my ‘Tale of Two cities’ bracelet? I’m obsessed. 

And there you have it, folks! This is what happens when you step out of your comfort zone a tad- a unique photo session that will definitely have the squeezers talking! And special thanks to Lizzie for giving me that extra push I needed! 

On Me: 

Top: Bloomingdales
Skirt: Bloomingdales
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Heels: Louboutins 
Sunnies: Pixie Market 

In Style,