The Writings on the Wall

One thing I’m really good at is disconnecting. My husband says it takes seconds for me to get into ‘vacation mode’ while it takes him a few days. He’s rather envious, actually.  I know that comes off as a bit stand-offish, so let me explain. I’ve had practice in self-nurturing from a young age, and know really well when it’s time to disconnect, to cut myself off from the world in order to put my needs and well-being first. It’s important for me to shut down the engines so I can reconnect with myself, with my family, and with my sanity. And I make no apologies for it.  It’s what keeps me healthy, happy, and sane.

This photo shoot marked one of those ‘that’s it for me’ times. My photographer, Raquel and I, met at one of my favorite Wynwood walls after a whirlwind few weeks of Art Basel and deadlines. I was mentally exhausted. The thought of piling assignments and looming deadlines would give me mild anxiety. I was looking forward to some time off with my little girl and frankly, some time to myself idling with mindless trivia like bad TV and fashion magazines. And that’s exactly what I did. 

Once I turned in my last assignment, I let out a big, obnoxious sigh (and maybe did a little dance too), and closed down shop. I disconnected. I put myself on vacation. It was ‘me’ time. No work. No deadlines. 

And then I did this photo shoot.

I call this urban modern.  It’s a more streamlined look, a little different than what I usually gravitate to and I’m really digging it- starting with the booties. I love these Steve Madden booties. I love the almond-toe cut, which can easily be worn with a skinny jean, a dress, or in this case, my waffle-print ivory skirt.

The piece de resistance of this outfit is the Style Mafia Jacket. It’s channeling old school letterman/bomber only way more fierce. Yes, that’s part in thanks to the tigers because tigers just make everything magical, but I also love the cut and the fit. I styled it over a black long sleeved crop top, but you can throw this over any tee or tank, even a turtleneck (I did) for an effortless, retro look.

This photo shoot was the perfect way to disconnect and have a little fun! So now I turn the tables on you- how do you disconnect? 

On Me: 
Jacket- Style Mafia 
Skirt- H&M 
Handbag- H&M
Crop top- Forever 21 
Boots- Steve Madden 
In Style,