Welcome to the Dollhouse

 Some time in 2014, at the suggestion of my BFF and occasional inside voice, I steered clear of floral prints because according to him, I was single-handedly keeping the trend alive based on the ridiculous amounts of floral pieces I owned. I tried to deny it, “me?! obsessed with florals? You got the wrong girl.” But after a routine closet cleaning with said best friend, I came face to face with my floral demons and moved on to the acceptance phase. 

Hi my is Kathy, and I’m a recovering floral-holic. Yes, my closet was in full bloom and I needed a cleanse. I purged my wardrobe of floral pieces that basically looked exactly the same in print and color. Now I have a healthy dose of florals and all in different palettes. 

Recovery is slow. I still walk into a store and I automatically gravitate towards anything that has flowers splashed on it; therefore, I have to make a conscious effort to stop and listen to that inside voice that tells me, “Step away from the florals.” Truth be told, sometimes I can’t stand that inside voice. That’s not to say I won’t be wearing florals again. Au contraire. It just means I’ll be more selective and may need a BFF approval whenever I’m obsessing over a floral piece- like this floral number from Romwe! 

My photographer and friend extraordinaire, Liz from Ra-haus Fotografie (www.ra-haus.com) and I took to the streets of Lincoln Road to capture the floral magic of this dress because it organically blends with the lush surroundings. The green is the one color that stands out most about this number and when photographed against the tropical vegetation and grey colored stone sidewalks, it pops even more. 

The dress’s details like the peter pan collar, the slightly flared skirt, and the dress’s black floral print background, gives this look a darkly feminine twist- an almost doll-like vibe. 
I played up the mood a little more with the dark lip (MAC Cyber- my current obsession) and my two-toned Sam Edelman loafers (a menswear touch) via Zappos.com (www.zappos.com). 

It’s amazing how much character a pair of sunnies can add to a look! These Pixie Market ones, with its tinted brownish lenses, go perfectly with the dress’s color scheme. 

So what did we learn today, squeezers? It’s okay to love a trend just as long as there is variety to that trend. Try to purchase/invest in pieces that are far from similar. The floral selections are seasonally endless so no need for five red floral tops or three floral pink dresses. Don’t let yourself drown in a sea of bland continuity.

 Branch out! 

On Me:

Dress- Romwe
Loafers- Sam Edelman from Zappos.com
Glasses- Pixie Market 

In Style, 


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