I’m Bigger, Better, and Stronger Because of 2014, and Ready to Shine in the New Year Sans Resolutions!

Happy New Year’s Eve, Squeezers! While I’m not 100% back up and running just yet, I couldn’t end 2014 without a blogpost and a THANK YOU, to all of you, for following me, for supporting me, and for joining me on my blogging adventures. In the words of the great Sally Field, “You like me! You really like me!” 

2014 was the year of strength, sacrifice, growth, and perseverance. It was a year of challenges, of emotional battles, of success, of trust, but most importantly, a true testament to commitment, faith, and happiness. It began with an unwanted move back to Miami- a move which in the last year, has taught me what it truly means to sacrifice (or as I say, temporarily put on hold) your own agenda for that of someone else’s. Since my mom’s passing at the age of 16, I’ve done a pretty good job of taking care of myself and putting myself first in all things life- starting with my well-being, school, and career. Having a partner and being a mother has taught me the real definition of selflessness. This was a learning lesson for me, and a somewhat uncomfortable one,  but a gratifying step towards continuous growth. I saw my marriage go through growing pains that thankfully evolved into an even healthier and loving partnership. We redefined teamwork and I couldn’t be more proud of my husband for his passionate ambition, his undying support and encouragement, and fierce loyalty to his family. I am blessed beyond words to have him in our lives. 

It was the year of flying blind; of having unquestionable faith and strength of what the future held and relinquishing control to the unknown. This has been scary, and continues to be; but, it is this ‘unknown’ that sometimes bring the most unexpected joy and opportunities. Sometimes in life, the only answer is to throw your arms wide open and accept the challenge, whatever it may hold.  My go-getter attitude never wavered and I vowed that I would make our stay in the Magic City one filled with happy memories for myself and for Maya. And while I miss our everyday adventures of city living (because that chapter hasn’t closed just yet), there’s been something really special about rediscovering Miami as a first time mom, getting to share with Maya in many of the day to day things my own mother shared with me as I was growing up. And those are the kind of memories that can’t be duplicated. They’re pure magic. 

Personally, I have been fortunate to explore new and exciting ventures that I would have otherwise, never have bothered to experience if I was in New York- starting with the ability to do more writing, whether through the blog or other publications. My NYC life kept me preoccupied with other things. Everyday I learn something new about myself, cliche as it sounds. But that’s what hurdles and bumps are meant to do- they’re meant to teach us and to challenge us and they encourage us to pick the road less traveled so that the reward is that much more satisfying at the end. Because there’s nothing more fulfilling than proving to yourself, “hey, I did it- we did it,” and smiling up at the sky. 

Therefore, despite the roller coaster of change, charged emotions, and ‘what ifs,’ 2014 was one big, fat, blessing for Coco, Maya, and I because we got through it together and came out of it bigger, better, and stronger and with a whole new outlook towards life. We’re happy, we’re healthy, and ready for world domination in 2015. 

And with that, we welcome you, 2015! With health, happiness, and faith at the forefront, I look forward to another year of making memories, of laughter, and of growth. I’m not one for making resolutions. I don’t believe in setting ourselves up for such expectations at the start of a new year (don’t believe me, just look at all those canceled gym memberships). Everyday should be an opportunity to be better, to wake up and make your dreams into reality, to take risks, and to keep climbing until you reach the top. There’s a whole lotta of world and a whole lotta you waiting to do some great big things! 

So let’s raise our glasses in triumph and cheer, “2015, welcome! We Salute you.” 

Thank you to Ricky from Simply Captivating for capturing these ethereal photos on our recent shoot in the Design District. I love the airiness of this Free People skirt because it plays well with any type of mood, texture, style personality, and climate. The muted grey and cream palette with a slab of the rich, purple lip tone (courtesy of MAC’s Cyber), feels almost dreamy and ultra-feminine. And I mean, can you ever go wrong with a tongue-and-cheek Kate Moss sweatshirt?! 

How spectacular are these Sam Edelman heels from TJ Maxx?! Love the gold detailing on the platform and the patent black straps. The Art Deco inspired style is ‘oh so Miami.’ 

 Here’s an homage to the 90’s with my velvet choker. I just can’t seem to help adding some grittier elements to this girlish look. Headpieces still aren’t ready to say goodbye, and as someone who grew up wearing them religiously, I’m happy to see them stay. I love this leaf-like stunner from Avon.  The metallic clutch is also an Avon special! 

That’s a wrap for 2014! Immense gratitude and love for the wild ride! Here’s to a happy and safe 2015 for all my Squeezers! 

On Me: 

Sweatshirt- Bloomingdales
Skirt: Free People 
Shoes: Sam Edelman/TJ Maxx
Headpiece- Avon
Clutch- Avon 

In Style,