Miami Style Map: Altuzarra Gets The Vintage Treatment

Cool as a cat and feeling very 70’s je ne sais quoi in this rich navy and ivory Altuzarra for Target blouse. I’m always impressed with Target’s collaborations and this one was no exception. The Parisian-born Altuzarra, and winner of the CFDA/vogue award back in 2011, is known for his modern sophistication but also his chic femininity. There is always something I love from each of these designer collabs and I’m usually successful at snagging at least one piece to add to my wardrobe. Long gone are the days of staying up at all hours just to feed into the machine (yeah, I’m talking to you Limsanity). Granted, I was lucky enough to attend the Altuzarra preview during Fashion Week so I didn’t necessarily have to sleep outside Target or barter with anyone in the fitting room. There was plenty of designer love to go around. 

I love the vintage feel of this snapshot captured by the team at Ra-Haus Fotografie. And I love how this photo looks like it was taken at some Hollywood-money Palm Springs backyard. The washed out yellow tint and slightly out of focus filter in the rest of the images adds an interesting storyline to this modernized look. 

I love the combination of navy and grey and I played off the high-contrast prints of the blouse to compliment the muted shades and the print of the pants. I wanted the look to remain clean and simple so I opted for these white patent loafers from Zara. I can’t tell you how much I love white shoes but dirt phobia kept me at bay from ever having the courage to buy a pair. Until I saw these and thought, “F#$%k it!” I’ll be as careful as possible to keep them pristine. So far so good. 

This is such an easy and comfortable outfit but it still manages to make a statement. I love the cat eye shape of the glasses and it just fits with the mood of the outfit. 

Now, where can I get a pool like this?! I’m a perfect addition to the mid-century backdrop. It was just meant to be. 

On Me:

Blouse- Altuzarra for Target
Pants- TopShop 
Loafers- Zara 
Sunglasses- Pixie Market 
Earrings- Steve Madden 

In Style,