FOOD+TRAVEL: Red The Steakhouse Sizzles on South Beach

Tucked in a rather-quiet-for-South-Beach street, exists a carnivorous wonderland that is sure to entice any foodie’s fickle palette. Weeks later, my husband and I are still reliving and re-tasting our dining experience at Red The Steakhouse. Some count sheep, I count Alaskan King Crab. Some dream of island getaways, I dream of aged porterhouse and rib-eye. We came, we gorged, and we rolled out of that restaurant like two stuffed butterballs. It was a feast fit for a king and Executive Chef and Partner, Peter Vauthy, had a constant flow of dishes and specials come to our table and we ‘ooohed and ‘ahhhed’ at every bite. A ‘foodgasm’ is the best way to describe it. 
Whenever I’m invited to check out and dine at a new restaurant, I always say a little prayer to the food gods that the experience be a good one. Nothing sucks more than bad food or bad service- two biggies that never make for a good write up. Thankfully, I’ve been on a dining roll. Service was above average, presentation was stellar, and quality was unmatchable. These are three elements that Chef Peter delivers when you walk through his doors. He works directly with fisheries and farms to guarantee that only the highest quality ingredients are used in his kitchen. From the creamy burrata and the stuffed hot peppers to the amazingly delicious Red Alaskan King Crab Cake, there was no shortage of richness or taste. Don’t even get me started on the meat. 
I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Peter during our Red dining adventures and he’s just as likable as he is talented. And he apparently has a Deadliest Catch connection you won’t want to miss out on reading!  I got the scoop on what really happens in the kitchen from the Chef himself and I’m bringing it to you right here! 
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FSF: Red is a sexy addition to the Miami dining scene and it can surely hold its own amongst some other notable establishments in the area. What is it that makes this place so desirable?
RED: It all starts with our commitment to source the finest quality ingredients – even though we lack the definitive seasons in Miami. 
FSF: It’s safe to say that there isn’t anything mediocre on this menu. Every dish is a stand alone winner. What’s the process in the kitchen like – from picking out what goes on the menu, to the execution. Walk me through it.
RED: It will start with an idea or inspiration from me or one of the other chef or cooks. It can be as simple as updating a classic dish, improving on a dish that was poorly executed, or the inspiration can come from a seasonal ingredient that we feature while at its peak. We will then begin with the dish, and over trial and error and many taste tests, we will review what it needs, and make it again and again until we feel it is perfected. For the dish to be perfected it needs to be visually appealing first and foremost, as we always eat with our eyes first, then make sure it is balanced, seasoned and has our signature RED style. Viola! We have a dish that makes the menu or a long term special.   

FSF: You have to tell everybody about your famous Alaskan Red King Crab at the restaurant. I’m still dreaming about it! Many people don’t realize just how short this particular season is and why the Red King Crab is so lucrative when it comes to taste and size. Why don’t more people know about this?  
RED: First of all, most fishing seasons aren’t all year and this applies to King Crab as well. When I became a chef I knew that fresh crab was available but the quest for this became a mission.  Now that I know how to bring it in, it’s something that I anxiously wait for each year. My guests are all aware of it but most people can’t even begin to understand how good the fresh Red King Crab can possibly be. It goes back to my drive to get the best products in from around the world. The season for Red King Crab is so short that if you aren’t aware of it you might miss out on the experience. I try to convey to all of my guests that seasonality of ingredients and having them at their peak will always increase the beauty of these ingredients. 

FSF: What’s the most popular item on the menu that guests can’t get enough of?  
RED: It has to be our Lobster Mac N Cheese. The combination of parmigiano reggiano, pecorino romano, fontina val d’aosta, raclette and a fresh shelled main lobster is an instant classic and something you won’t want to pass up.  
FSF: And now I’m going to put you on the spot and share with all my readers your own adventures on those Deadliest Catch boats! Were you ready for that kind of action?  
RED: Nothing can prepare you for the ruggedness and natural beauty of Alaska.  Everyone should go and see its majesty. When you are up there before the season starts they read off all the fisherman who passed the last season as they bless the fleet. It gives you some perspective of what you are about to get into. The sheer magnitude of the amount of seafood that is available to be caught is beyond belief – if you are not careful you can catch so much it might actually sink the boat! The rivers are so full of salmon during the season that you can walk across the rivers without ever getting wet.  
FSF: What’s your favorite thing to cook?  
RED: It’s so hard to have just one thing as I just love to cook, but there is a great satisfaction that comes with making the perfect Risotto.  It’s so versatile and the things that can be done with it are spectacular.   


FSF: My husband and I barely made it to dessert but we just couldn’t turn down red velvet fried Oreos!  The dessert menu is something else! What kind of pastry chef are you hiding back there?  
RED: Talented pastry chefs are hard to come by and I have been blessed with some great ones. My current Pastry Chef, Andrew Moss, has moved up to take the top toque here at Red, the Steakhouse South Beach. I work closely with him as I have a personal fascination with pastry and almost took the path to pastry chef myself. 
FSF: I’m sure after cooking all day the last thing you want to do when you get home is cook some more. So what’s comfort food for you?  
RED: I don’t cook at home very often if at all, but comfort food to me is a plate of perfect fried chicken, a plate of BBQ baby back ribs or some certified angus beef pastrami which we make at the restaurant and just makes me happy. 
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