Miami Style Map: Mixed Media and a Fresh Pair of Blood-Red booties

Now that my bubblegum teen pop whirlwind with One Direction has come to an end and my feet are firmly back on planet Earth (well, not completely. I’m still hitting the replay button on my teenage dream), I’m ready to dive right back into the blog with a fresh post you are sure to love. I’m taking a ride on the polka dot and plaid train and hightailing it straight to Wynwood to show you how to style these two adored classic prints. 

Oh the places you’ll go with a plaid flannel! Just ask me. I have ten. It’s an accessible basic that can take on many style personalities and flavors. It can fluctuate from lumberjack oh-so-chic to permissibly avant garde with the right counterpart and accessories. Usually there’s a grunge affinity to my plaid- not very dressed up and more inclined to comfort and coziness. With this look, I didn’t eliminate the coziness, but I did add some girlish innocence with the polka dot skirt. I gave the flannel some ladylike legs and dressed it up with a midi skirt and the right bling. 

Instead of letting it hang or wrapping it around my waist, I opted to tuck in the flannel by giving it a more polished finish. I love the combination of polka and plaid. Most people probably wouldn’t pair the two, but their pairing is more cohesive than you think. Neither print outshines the other and instead claim double spotlight for their individualized dash of panache. The combination is eye-grabbing and it makes a statement. 

These Aldo blood-red booties are my EVERYTHING right now. I have three go-to shoes at the moment and these blood-red booties are on the list. Everything from the gold hardware, to the pointy-toe scream boho-luxe to me. I have been on the hunt for the right pair of red booties for quite some time. A few years ago while vacationing in Europe, I scored the most insane pair from Zara, and in a moment of impulse and frustration because I had temporarily fallen out of love with them, I gave them away (almost like a boyfriend or girlfriend you regret breaking up with). It was a dumb move and one I regret and I promised myself I wouldn’t do it again. Cue to a few weeks ago when I was on Aldo’s Instagram and saw these babies giving me that “buy me” face I couldn’t resist. And now, these Chloe knock off ‘zapaticos de rosa’ are on my feet and dancing the day away thanks to my better half (Happy early Christmas to moi)! PS. How cute is this petite Coach saddle bag? 

Take a few moments to admire my shoes while I cross the street in Wynwood. I was a having a Beatles moment in the pic above but you can actually get a great view of these sole stunners!

Hey, the boys of One Direction loved my booties so that takes their cool factor up a notch. 

Spruce up an everyday plaid shirt by adding some fancy flair to the mix. It’s such a simple way to dress up any look. I added this crazy fabulous Aldo necklace that never fails at being a conversation starter. People are blown away when I tell them just how affordable this swanky gem is! 

I was very excited to share this look with all of you, not just because I love the outfit or because I always love capturing the dynamicity of Wynwood, but because I got to team up with a really cool photographer from the Simply Captivating family, Ricky Iglesias. Ricky is a Miamian-turned-Madrileno and speaks my city language fluently. He was such a pleasure (and easy) to work with and he was very open to challenging himself when it came to exploring different ways to photograph the outfit in Wynwood’s urban landscape. He’s got an eye (get it?) for style and I look forward to working with him again. 

Now I challenge you to go where no other fashionista has gone before! How do you pair your polka dot and plaid?

On Me: 

Plaid button-down- Forever 21
Polk dot skirt- Forever 21
Saddle bag- Coach
Booties- Aldo Shoes
Necklace- Aldo Shoes 

In Style, 


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