Miami Style Map: In A Culottes State of Mind

If there is one thing that you can’t beat when it comes to Miami, it’s her breathtaking beaches (sorry, NY). Where else can you find turquoise dipped waters without actually having to go to the Carribbean?! So many of Miami’s prized ‘places to see’ come with a water view that almost look photoshopped- ahem, see above.  (I can vouch for their authenticity). 

You don’t need a million dollar home on Star Island to enjoy waterfront luxury (though that would be nice). In Miami, you don’t need to look further than your nearest park. I’m fortunate I get to live right across from a nice little park on the water, which offers some pretty awesome morning reflections when I walk the dogs. There’s just something really uplifting about a good view! But one of my favorite parks in the city, happens to be a 10 minute ride away in Coconut Grove. It’s called Alice Wainwright park and it sits right on the bay.

Whether you’re enjoying a picnic by the bay or a walk along the tree-heavy grounds, Alice Wainwright is a picturesque retreat in the heart of Miami- a hidden gem, some would say. I love bringing Maya to the playground and watching her run and up and down the grassy knolls. And you can’t help but be distracted by the view- open waters, city skyline, and Viscaya Gardens from a distance. 

What a perfect backdrop to showcase these killer culottes and tailored blue blazer. My photographer, Raquel was on the money with this location. These culottes are my latest obsession. They are easy to dress up or dress down. I love the way the blue it reflects against the water and the gold details on the buttons and accessories are simply striking. This look is structurally post-modern with its clean designs and color scheme.  And I love the menswear touch with the crisp white blouse under the jacket. 

I recently wore this look to the Refinery 29 x Simon Malls Shopping Block event at Dadeland Mall. Because when you’re dealing with Refinery 29, you just automatically take it up a notch. 

The accessories are a big part of this look. In keeping with the sleek cut and finish of the outfit, I added this layered statement necklace and leopard clutch. I’m obsessed with braids (duh), and really wanted to do ‘braids and bangs’ updo and I just love how complimentary it is (thank you Ana, from Makeup Artistry by Jessie). You really notice the vintage earrings, the necklace, and the red lips because the hair is off the face. 

And how fantastic are these gold sneaker slip-ons with the culottes? It’s fashion synergy. With faux sneakers like these, you can sign me up for the sportswear trend any day! 
On Me:

White blouse- Forever 21
Blazer- Forever 21
Culottes- Zara
Slip-ons- Steve Madden
Clutch- Nine West
Necklace- Aldo Shoes 

In Style,