Style Spotlight: Jaimie Nicole Jewelry is Keeping It Classic

When Miami native, Jaimie Nicole, started making jewelry as a hobby, she never expected it to turn into a lucrative business- one that has amassed hundreds of one of kind beaded pieces. I had the opportunity to see her custom creations up close and personal and the “oohs and ahhs” kept pouring out of my mouth like a broken record. 

From champagne diamonds to semi-precious stones, her collections range in versatility without compromising aesthetic, style, and authenticity. The bracelets were made for stacking, the necklaces for layering, and the Druzy earrings she’s been working on, are pure magic. It’s the perfect balance of classic femininity without being too trendy, so when you invest in a piece, it’s a lifer. 

Whether running errands during the day, or grabbing drinks poolside with friends, Jaimie’s pieces fit every kind of lifestyle and that’s what you want when it comes to jewelry- a line that’s fashion forward, beautiful, and practical.

Did I mention how lovely Jaimie is? I had the chance to talk to her all about her designing technique, fall trends, and what she really thinks about the bead craze! Read the Q&A after the jump below and find out how you can score a discount on one of her unique bracelets or necklaces! 

FSF: What started off as a couple of bracelets for friends has become a booming business! Tell me how it all started? 
JNJ: Designing jewelry has always been a passion of mine, I started making jewelry for myself and realized I actually enjoyed the process. My hobby suddenly turned into a successful business. I believe once I got the support and confidence from my peers, there was no stopping me.

FSF: There’s been a huge bracelet and bead trend in the past few years that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. What sets your designs apart from the rest? 
JNJ: Yes, beaded jewelry continues to gain popularity with no end in sight. It is easy to get lost in a saturated market, but my job is to create jewelry unlike any other. When I sit down to design, I think about my clientele and what would excite them. I browse through thousands of different colors and see what catches my eye for the next season to come.
FSF: Where do you get your inspiration for the pieces? 
JNJ: I always keep my eyes open for inspiration; you never know when something will catch your attention. I’ve always been surrounded by vibrant colors and gorgeous scenery being raised in Miami. I have also been very blessed with the ability to travel around the world, which opened my eyes to various scenarios and inspired my designs. And if I had to sum it all up in two words, I would choose: Color & Culture.

FSF: What kind of woman do you design for? 
JNJ: My collection can be worn by women of any age. The jewelry I make is versatile, adaptable for all events, day to night. The Jaimie Nicole woman is bold, yet classic. One who enjoys fashion and is confident by appreciating luxury without having to break her bank.
FSF: What’s your best seller and what do you notice your customers can’t get enough of? 
JNJ: Best sellers vary from season to season, but I’d have to say our signature teardrop & druzy necklaces are a constant seller for us. They have are meant to be worn with any outfit combination and our customers love it.

FSF: What arm candy trends are we going to be seeing for fall? 
JNJ: “Less is more”. You don’t need quantity when you have quality. We are still head over heels about stacking up your arm, but this season we are enjoying smaller arm candy.  
 FSF: What’s are some pointers every fashionista should keep in mind when it comes to accessorizing? 
JNJ: I tell all my clients to have fun with their jewelry. If you like it, WEAR IT! There are no rules.

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