Style Spotlight: Miami Twice Brings Vintage Charm to the Magic City

Tucked away in an nondescript strip mall on a busy Miami intersection, sits one of the city’s best kept secrets for one of a kind vintage apparel as well as an enchanting story-telling vehicle that has been around for over 30 years. 

Miami Twice is a revered institution. The storefront and its time machine of goodies are iconic and chances are you’ve stepped foot inside of it at some point in your life to browse their extensive collection of curated vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories. And did you know that Miami Twice was once an auto repair shop? Well, it was! 

And thanks to the passion of Mary Kyle Holle, she and her sister sought to transform this old space into what is now a 5,000 square foot closet that rivals that of Daisy Buchanan. Whether it’s old gowns from the early 1940’s or a mod print shift dress from the late 70’s, Mary and her team have amassed a distinct and unique collection of frocks dating from as early as the 1930’s, including jewelry from WWII days. To complement the Old World goods, the store also features a Mad Men inspired line as well as modern clothing from contemporary designers. And don’t forget Halloween! Miami Twice has become the unofficial Halloween pit stop for costumes and accessories.  

And not to be outdone by all things vintage, Mary also has a pretty spectacular designer handbag collection that will have fashionistas clamoring. After a visit to the store for an unrelated assignment, Mary and her mom Diane, fed me tales of fancy socialites and fashion mavens that now leave their mark on the walls of Miami Twice. 

FSF: how has the store grown and evolved since it first opened in 1985?
MT: Miami Twice has physically grown from a small 1400 square foot store to the now 5000 square foot store.  As far as business, we started out purely a vintage store for clothing, accessories, furniture, and jewelry. In the years we have been in business, we have introduced new lines of clothing to compliment the vintage. We have also introduced a large pre-owned luxury designer area the business.  We have a large area dedicated to Chanel, Louis Vuitton and other luxury designer purses and accessories. As you know, we have also expanded sales in the month of October for our Halloween business. We cater to adults who want to dress up for Halloween. We are unlike your typical Halloween store, however.  All our costumes are on hangers and very well displayed and are accessorized head to toe!
FSF: When you hear people refer to the store as an iconic fashion institution in Miami, how does that resonate with you?
MT: As far as people referring to us as an iconic fashion institution in Miami, it is such a huge compliment.  We have always strived to be on top of our game with regards to vintage. It takes a creative customer, and someone who dresses in things other than your cookie cutter clothing that seems to be prevalent in Miami.  We love our customers.

FSF: What makes Miami Twice such an experience as a customer? What makes it special?
MT: I have heard through the years, when new customers walk in the door, how there is no other place like Miami Twice.  We have been compared with some of the vintage “old timers” in New York, Boston and Chicago. Our atmosphere is one of a vintage department store- A bygone era.

FSF: Is the store your personal closet as well?
MT: I absolutely have a few items in my closet that I coveted at any one particular time. However, I don’t keep too much.  I have seen people in the collectible business or vintage business that fell in love with so many things that they took home. But I am a businesswoman first, and I tend to look at our items as treasures that our customers should have the opportunity to buy. I do love to look and touch all our vintage, but when they sell, I get to replace them with the next awesome item that I will get to enjoy until it sells. 

Miami Twice
6562 Bird Road
Miami, Fl 33155
(305) 666-0127 

Follow them on Instagram @miami_twice 

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