Miami Style Map: Diva in a Blue Dress

Pluck me from the manicured lawns of Coral Gables, and take me to the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island because that’s what I’m vibing in this vintage little number! 

The 1920’s come alive on the great big lawn- with dance bands, flappers, and lots of champagne! And though I won’t be there next week for the grand ol’ festivities in the city, I’ll be there in spirit refilling coupes of bubbles til the sun goes down right here in Miami. 

But this is exactly what I would be wearing for the celebration. I can already picture my blue floral dress blowing away on that ferry ride and praying my hat doesn’t fly away into the East River! Another fashion casualty that’s no match for the sea winds. 

The grounds at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami are endless. Just when you think you’ve uncovered every nook and cranny at the historic hotel, a fresh patch of scenery pops up to mix things up. And these stairs and fountains lend themselves to the backstory of this dress! I have Elizabeth from Ra-haus Fotografie to thank for that. Her scouting mission turned up these unique timeless backdrops- starting with that gorgeous monstrosity of a tree. Isn’t it spectacular?! It feels like those roots are going to entwine themselves around me! 

This dress was another vintage find in Baton Rouge. I love finding one of a kind pieces when I travel. The floral details and the feminine length of the skirt are by far my favorite. I paired it with my red Fendi heels (red is such a great accent color for any look) and my grandmother’s vintage Chanel purse! 

The smile doesn’t lie! I was feeling quite glamourous and fancy-free in this throwback look. Add a gaudy fountain to my  outfit and bam! Consider me done. 

On Me: 

Dress- Aristocracy Bohemia (Baton Rouge)
Heels- Fendi
Hat- H&M 
Purse- Vintage 

In Style,