Miami Style Map: This Sh#$%t is BANANAS!

I’m literally going bananas over this banana print matchy set from Pixie Market. Not only because I love bananas (duh), but it’s such a great conversation piece. I actually ended up wearing this during Mercedes Benz Swim Week over the weekend and got tons of compliments and a few snapshots from photographers on the scene. Plain and simple, this outfit is FUN, meant to wear with a big happy grin and an ‘I don’t care, look at me’ attitude! 

I wanted to photograph this look at one of my favorite landmarks- The Hotel New Yorker in Miami’s MiMo district. Not because I frequent motels along this strip, but because it’s such an iconic property and one that I remember so vividly when I used to live nearby as a young teen (before this area got cool). And really because anything that makes any reference to the city I consider home is my Achilles heel. 

I love the architecture you find in many of the buildings in the MiMo district, not to mention the hidden shopping gems and delicious restaurants that are popping up in this jewel of a neighborhood. ‘MiMo’ is short for ‘Miami Modern’ and characterized by a style of architecture that is native to Miami and birthed during the 1950s and 1960s. It spans from 50th street to 77th street along Biscayne Boulevard and is considered historic. It’s mid-century, fun, and retro all in one and a drive down busy BiBo (Biscayne Boulevard, yo), will you have you feeling like you’re in a time machine to vintage Florida. 

That’s why I love the idea of this bright and fun outfit against the white and aqua details of the New Yorker. Watch me whip my hair back and forth and attempt some daredevil jumps that took a lot of energy and sweat on my part. (Disclaimer: No photographer, ahem Elizabeth, was hurt during the course of this photo shoot).

I paired the set with my Steve Madden leopard slip-ons and they just add to the playfulness of the whole look! Why keep the shoes serious when you could just keep having fun?!

I know I am! 

On Me: 

Banana set- Pixie Market
Slip-ons- Steve Madden 

In Style,