Style Spotlight Part Deux: Up Close and Personal with 6 Shore Road Designer, POOJA

Another round of sexy swimwear is hitting the sandy tents on Miami Beach and closing up tonight’s swim presentation at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, is New York based designer, Pooja Kharbanda, the beauty and talent behind the effortlessly glam yet edgy 6 Shore Road. 

Her swimsuits and beachwear are a visual passport to the world. Pooja uses her global travel diaries as inspiration in creating pieces that are rich in print, color, and curve-hugging silhouettes that make going to the beach a jet-setting experience. Not one to be tied down to impracticality, Pooja’s creations can easily be transformed from an afternoon swim to happy hour at the cabana. 

And while she may be drowning in mood boards, monokinis, and  patterns, this multi-cultural cool creator still found time to talk to me about her latest collection and what she loves to do when she comes up for air! 

Check out my interview with Pooja after the jump! 

FSF: You are gearing up for another swim Week show and people are excited to see what you have in store. What can you tell us about this year’s collection? What inspired you?
P: The inspiration this season came from Nepalese women who have a warrior feel to them. So you’ll see a stronger woman, bright watercolor florals, mandala geo shaped prints – all that were inspired by the culture of Nepa.
FSF: How long does the creative process take, or really begin, when it comes to designing a new collection? It’s definitely not an overnight thing!
P: It’s a long process, mood/inspiration board, fabrics & colors and then the final sample collection.  As long as the inspiration is clear everything else follows!
FSF: With so many beautiful and unique body types, what is your favorite thing about designing for a woman’s body?
P: There are so many curves and beautiful parts of a woman – so it’s so much fun accentuating each body part or parts!

FSF: Swim trends vary so much whether it’s St. Barts or Shelter Island. What swim trends are we seeing for the season? And what trends specifically in Miami?
P: Watercolor florals, cutouts, bright solids and lots of one pieces!
FSF: What’s one swimsuit trend you wish would just go away? 
P: bows on swimsuits – they aren’t flattering on anyone!
FSF: How much does your upbringing and background influence the pieces in your collection?
P: HUGE, I’m constantly pulling inspiration from India, Hong Kong, & Panama through colors, embroideries, or silhouettes.

FSF: How would you describe your own swim style?
P: It’s downtown chic that you can take from beach to bar.  Very transitional!
FSF: Where could we find you on a day off? How do you like to kick back when you have downtime?
P: Rooftop pool with a margarita in hand or jetting to a close paradise locale for the weekend.
FSF: Favorite thing to do while hanging out in Miami- go!
P: Hanging at the Shore Club Pool.

In Style,