Miami Style Map: A Tropical-Infused Double Take

I bet the first thing some of you will say when you see my latest blog photos is, “Hey, I know that wall!” This wall is part of the Miami zeitgeist- off the beaten path of other known landmarks on Miami Beach or even Calle Ocho. It’s an iconic piece of art that’s part of a longstanding bird store called Sinbad’s. If you’re travels take you on the Bird Road path, then chances are this birds of paradise mural has probably caught your eye while sitting in traffic or zipping westbound on your commute. It’s wild. Literally. 

I liked where Natalie’s (from Suna Photography) head was at when she pre-selected this spot in our Bird Road District adventures. I was feeling like a Jungle Queen in her natural habitat (just as long as any of these painted beasts didn’t jump off their canvas to eat me in my pretty dress). 

I absolutely love this tropical print dress I scored while at a recent visit to another Bird Road landmark, Miami Twice and I am even more excited to wear it during Swim Week. I wanted to do something different, though. I wanted to show my fellow fashionistas how to wear one dress two different ways. That way, whenever you feel like you have nothing to wear or “I already wore that dress on Facebook” (because let’s face it, Facebook kills fashion), there’s always the opportunity to give your favorite dress a second chance. 

So this particular look is quite simple. Keep it sexy and beachy with a pair of statement heels or wedges. Something that gives you length- think taller than Tom Cruise length. And put on a bright lip for added effect. Add a clutch, some cool earrings, and call it wrap! 

Grab your girlfriends and go out dancing! 

Give a feminine dress a downtown spin by adding tougher accessories. I love a good tailored blazer over a dress. I call it my other ‘NY uniform’ since it’s perfect for transitioning from season to season. It also can make a va-va-voom dress more proper and conservative without being dowdy. My studded boots from Free People play off the tropical print by giving it a more rough and tough look and feel. I finished it off with a hat, some bad ass art deco chandelier earrings, and an off white clutch that rounds up the whole outfit. 

Now take me out to listen to some good music! 

On Me: 
Dress- Miami Twice
Shoes (First look)- Payless 
Clutch (first look)- Big Buddha 
Earrings- Forever 21 

Shoes (second look)- Free People
Clutch (second look)- Aldo 
Hat (second look)- Nasty Gal

In Style,