Miami Style Map: Kicking off Mercedes Benz Swim Week in American Apparel

Mercedes Benz Swim Week kicks off this week in Miami and in the spirit of skimpy and sexy, I’m dedicating today’s post to this retro-inspired American Apparel high waisted sensation. And the beauty and glory of this suit wouldn’t be complete without the proper setting- in this case, the iconic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, which tells a story of its own. 

I teamed up with my favorite gal and master behind the lens, Lizzy (with a ‘y’) of Ra-Haus ( for this throwback, pin-upesque swimsuit shoot. Ironically enough, rain diverted our original location but in the end, it gave way to an even better visual conversation. The Biltmore Hotel boasts some beautiful and timeless rooms in its Mediterranean enclave. This Moroccan-Spanish courtyard, with it’s detailed and colorful tile work and lush greenery, is the ultimate backdrop to illustrate this vintage bikini.

In the last couple of years, I’ve had a growing obsession with high-waisted suits, even apparel. This trend is an acquired taste and that’s okay. There’s a certain attitude, look, and confidence needed to carry off this trend without feeling uncomfortable or outdated. It’s a matter of how you wear it because if not done right, can come off a little dumpy. 

I love the way this suit accentuates my assets. It’s nice to be able to show that even thin women have curves and the right high-waisted suit is the perfect opportunity to showcase an hour-glass figure. I have even more respect for these ‘child-bearing’ hips after giving birth to my baby girl. The marvel I have for my body and all its wonder and capability is off the charts after becoming a mom and I constantly feel the need to show that off.  I feel sexy, powerful and dare I say, HAWT (the red Fendi heels don’t hurt either)! 

No one knows you’re body better than you and it’s the ‘end all be all’ rule of thumb when shopping for a swimsuit. Buy a suit that shows off your most favorite assets. What works for you might not work for another woman’s body type and vice versa. With so many different body types (and swimsuits) that make the world go around, there is a suit for every woman out there! Prints are another fun way to personalize a suit. Sure, the classics (black, white, nude, etc) are always nice to have stashed, but finding a bold and sassy print, can add a jolt of summer fun to your beach wardrobe. Right now, I’m hooked on tropical prints and this green and blue palm print, is an eye catcher. 

if you’re lucky enough to be in Miami for Swim Week, stop by a show and check out the the season’s latest designs by the hottest designers, or if not, grab a beach chair and enjoy the endless people watching and swimsuit fashion our beautiful beaches have to offer! 

On Me: 

Swimsuit- American Apparel 
Glasses- Pixie Market
Heels- Fendi 

In Style,