Miami Style Map: Tropi-cool and Cafecitos

Welcome to Miami where cafecito machines are brewing all over the 305!

No one takes their ‘cafecito’ breaks more seriously than Miamians. And you’ll often find the coffee fiends at outposts just like these taking swigs of grinded fuel before heading out to conquer the world. 

What started off as a cafecito pit stop for photographer, Natalie and I, turned into an impromptu photo shoot on our day together and these photos were actually my favorite ones of the batch!  

Sometimes I never know where we end up shooting. Locations serendipitously pop up as we are driving around or on our way to a certain spot, and such was the case with this gem we came across on our shooting adventures in the Bird Road Arts District. As I was sipping on my cafecito, Natalie whips out her camera and says, “I’m going to take some pictures of you. This could be cool.” Voila, mon amis. She was right. 

The cafeteria stand was an explosion of color I didn’t expect and when you add my vintage red and white tropi-cool blouse (another Baton Rouge score) to the mix, it’s like a bright paint box spillage on a rather industrialized canvas. And it works! 

I paired it with a pair of black high-waisted pants, pointy leopard loafers, and my boater hat to add more visual sparks to the look, plus this is how I wore the look in real time. No gimmicks.  I love the way the blouse looks tucked in the pants. There are a few 90s trends that I can’t quite let go of, and this is one of them. I make no apologies when I channel my inner Jesse Spano!

On Me:

Top- Aristocracy Bohemia (Baton Rouge)
Pants- H&M
Hat- H&M
Flats- Steve Madden

In Style,