Miami Style Map: A Dolce and Gabbana Ad Comes to Life in Miami

Well Dolce and Gabbana just got their first Cuban model- me! Wouldn’t you say so after seeing these divine photographs by Lizzie from Ra-haus! I tell you, mouth agape is an understatement when I first laid eyes on the final images. My first reaction was, “Lizzie, omg, this looks like a freakin’ Dolce and Gabbana print ad. And I’m totally going to frame these on my nightstand.” Ok, Paris Hilton (#healthynarcissism) 

And all my supermodel dreams have come true. BRAVISIMO! 

The setting is a historic Miami landmark, modeled after a very famous European palace (that’s all I can give you, but if you’re a local, you pretty much know where I am). No wonder it feels like a time capsule of sorts. I, Katherine Buccio of the Cuban Renaissance, am feeling very ‘Maja de Miami” in my vintage garb. 

It takes a fabulous outfit to outshine this picturesque location and I think I found a winner in this black and white structured number from Aristocracy Bohemia in Baton Rouge. While on assignment in the Bayou for Miss USA, I came across this gallery/vintage/menswear shop in downtown Baton Rouge with the sweetest owners and the coolest finds. 

This lady-like number, with its tasteful feminine silhouette, has a 1950’s throwback that still transcends today’s trends. Not to mention, I feel like a character out of Mad Men without really trying too hard. I dusted off my grandmother’s velvet envelope bag (it was a winter favorite in the city, now it just cries underneath my bed) to compliment this vintage look. 

These T-strap gold sequined pumps, a West Village find years ago, are a secret weapon in my closet.  I love the white piping accent and the red heel is nice touch. Who would have thought all these retro pieces would find love again? 
And last but not least, the hair. Oh, the hair. One look at this dress and the first thought that popped to mind was, “Milkmaid braids!” And so milkmaid braids I shall have. My other extremely talented hair dresser, Ana, whipped this badass braid in a matter of minutes. Seriously, how did she do that?! It’s my Lebowski. It ties the whole look together. These Miami Twice earrings (a $5 find) are the perfect vintage accessory to finish off the look. 

On Me:

Dress- Aristocracy Bohemia (Baton Rouge) 
Shoes- Oh Deer! 
Purse- Vintage
Earrings- Miami Twice

In Style,