Style Spotlight: Local Artist Takes Nail Art to New Levels

One of the hottest accessories to watch out for this summer (because it’s still alive and well) isn’t a pointy toe shoe or a leopard clutch, it’s nail art. Oh yes, celebrities and fashionistas have not let this trend die and designers can’t get enough of these eye popping designs on their spring and fall runways. It’s hard to look away when you see some of the unique and meticulous designs being sported on some of these fashionable ladies. It takes a creative force and a supremely talented artist to bring these wild and crazy designs to life. And I found one right here in Miami.

While nail technician, Lynette Swain, is not the only one in our loud and vibrant city, she’s certainly one of the best. Lynette will whip you up a fresh to death design in a couple of hours and have you looking like Sasha Fierce! This week, the in-demand artist leaves to Manhattan’s famed, Vanity Projects (located on the LES), to leave her mark on the city’s fashionable set.

Born with the powers to create, Lynette has customized everything from 3D floral art on nails to spikes. In between prepping for her trip to the big city and back to back appointments (not even I could get into her tight schedule right now), this sweet and enthusiastic cool chick, managed to answer a few of my questions for the blog.

Sit back and revel in some of Lynette’s work below! 

FSF: I love your work! How did you get started?
LS: Thank you so much! As a child my mother was very strict so I was not able to get my nails done until I was 17 at the beginning of my senior year of high school. As I was getting my nail done, I noticed that I was doing something different and unique. I could actually do any and almost everything artistic to nails. So I went to nail school and that is where it all began. 

FSF: Do you have background in art? Was this something you always saw yourself doing? 
LS: I can honestly say I got most of my talent from my mother. She could make and build anything and I would watch her do it. Nail school was nowhere near my mind. As a child I wanted to be an actress, singe,r and dancer but I found my talent lies in nails. 

FSF: What are some of the most popular requests you get? 
LS: The service most request are ‘stilettos’ or almond shaped nails with Swarovski crystals or even some 3D art on the nails. Or I may get lucky and get asked to draw pictures on the nails.

FSF: What have been some of the craziest nails you’ve ever done?
LS: The craziest design that I have ever done was a water nail. It was a nail tip that actually had water and glitter and floating beads inside that nail.

 FSF: We’ve seen this nail art trend gain some momentum, are celebrities like Beyonce and Katy Perry responsible for that? 
LS: Celebrities definitely have put a spotlight on the nail art trend. Their nails are their accessories, so they get to wear them with special designer-made outfits. I think most of the nail art ideas come from fashion designers in the first place.

FSF: I can’t imagine your job every getting boring. What makes it so different and fun?

LS: My job boring? No way! I love my job. I’m even a nail instructor at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty and Careers and I love it. My customers push me to where I amaze myself sometimes, so I can honestly say that everyday is something new and exciting.

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