Miami Style Map: Riding Dirty in Nasty Gal

The sweltering Miami heat has descended upon the U.S’s most tropical city, which means it’s time to wear as little clothes as possible (every boy’s dream), or at least the most lightweight unless you plan to masochistically melt away in the name of fashion. I choose to live between the two extremes, as is evident in today’s outfit post! 

Sure, I know what you’re thinking, “B#$tch be crazy for wearing a long sleeve crop top in 95 degree weather.” Well yes, I will most definitely agree with you on that, but there is reason to my madness. We all suffer and sacrifice just a tiny bit for the sake of looking good, don’t we? 

I call this my magic crop top, because how could a long sleeve, high neck top actually be warm? Besides being perfectly form fitting, the top is paper thin. It’s a breathable fabric that almost feels like the most nonexistent second skin you’ll wear. It laughs in the face of 90 degree days. 

A very dear friend, who like me, is always on the hunt for a good deal, turned me on to Nasty Gal, the online shopping site launched by one time dumpster-diver turned entrepreneurial GirlBoss, Sophia Amuroso. Nasty Gal offers an impressive selection of vintage items as well as budget-friendly trend pieces, like my magic crop top. Also from Nasty Gal, this $18 black boater hat that should basically be glued to my head because it’s fabulously grungy. 

I opted to wear the striped crop top with my colorful tropical print shorts and I’m obsessing over how darn cute this color/print combination flows. What makes this casual outfit shine though, is the setting. The talented, Natalie, from Suna Photography, scavenged all the trains on the lot to find the cart that would best compliment the outfit. She successfully found the ‘Flagler’ cart, which happened to be the train of choice for travelers headed to Key West. I call that a fashion Bingo in my book. The vintage checkered black and white floors alongside the sea green window panes and mid-century aqua leather seats, added to the laid back summer vibe of the look. 

This look called for simple yet stylish footwear. Sandals would have been too obvious and boots just didn’t feel right. My woven loafers tied up this outfit effortlessly. 

My magic crop top and I are going places in this look. 

On Me: 

Crop Top- Nasty Gal
Boater hat- Nasty Gal
Shorts- Forever 21
Shoes- Cole Haan 

In Style,