Miami Style Map: Lush in Print on Miami Beach

The secret garden knows no limits when faced with fierce fashion. I’m a sucker for a tropical print, especially ones that look dated, like wallpaper in a musky seawater-stenched Florida time share somewhere in Central Florida. I can appreciate it’s liveliness, it’s instant perkability (I just totally made that word up) and let’s call it what it is, it’s just FUN. And paired with a classic print like polka dots, well, it’s a party and everyone is invited! 

I have to give big, and I mean, BIG, props to photographer, Justin Namon, the other equally talented half of Rahaus Fotografie who saw my look and said, “I know exactly where we’re going with this.” I’ve been sworn to secrecy in regards to location (I’ll let you savvy fashion detectives figure it out) but as soon as we reached the spot, my first reaction was, “Of course! Bingo.” 

I love the way my tropical blouse (courtesy of Pixie Market) successfully photobombs the lush landscape. It’s like the trees are all bowing down to the amazingness of this mixed print look. Notice how every button on my blouse is buttoned all the way up to the collar. I call it uptight fashion, but really it’s clean and very ladylike.  This look called for open toe sandals. I wore my Sam Edelman black and nude wedges that deliver modernity in their simplicity. 

I’ve been embracing the hot Miami weather when it comes to letting my hair breathe and take on a form of it’s own. Usually it takes the form of Kelly Kapowski hair, which I’m perfectly okay with since Kelly was such a babe (just ask Zach and Slater). Not to sound completely narcissistic, which I’m not (only a little) but Justin really outlined all the details impeccably in this last image- the buttoned up collar, the cat-eye sunnies that really compliment a round face, and my very vivid red-orange smackers. It feels very Old Hollywood vacationing in Palm Beach. The greens and corals of these Stella and Dot earrings compliment both the blouse and polka dots of the outfit. 

And last not least, this pretty shot! The versatility of this geometric clutch by Big Buddha is what makes it so fantastic. For this look, I chose to hold the clutch since it’s compact yet roomy (keys, iphone, credit cards and a lipstick joyfully coexist). But it also has a chain strap tucked inside if you wish to wear it as a crossbody or on your shoulder. I love the metal detail over the white faux leather background. It’s easily convenient if you want to wear it during the day or at night! 

What do you think about this look?

On Me: 

Polka dot skirt- Forever 21
Shoes- Sam Edelman 

In Style,