Miami Style Map: Cage-Free Fashion

Lizzie from Ra-Haus Fotografie ( done it again. 

Leave it to her mastermind to make pungent fish traps my most idiosyncratic accessory on my latest photo shoot for the blog. 

The juxtaposition of the beat up wooden crates and the vibrant florals of my dress makes for one of the coolest spots I’ve shot so far. And if I tell you where in Miami they’re located, I may have to kill you. No, just kidding. Or not. 

Let’s talk about this dress- my lonesome warrior. This dress has somehow survived rounds and rounds of closet purges. I’ve owned it since 2009 and for some reason, have never been able to part with it. I think the dress hypnotically puts me in a color trance. The print is striking and well, it just makes me happy. 

To change it up, I implemented a rebellious twist to an otherwise straight forward strapless floral dress- I call it, the leather jacket. Oh yes, ladies. It’s that simple. A well-tailored leather jacket can instantaneously transform any outfit. It’s classic, confident, and quite bad ass. Layered over something unpredictable like a dress with feminine frivolity, it’s a game changer. Just look what it does to my spunky little number.   

I kept the neckline bare and accessorized with a pair of tangerine drop earrings and a bright orange lip. Not to sound completely narcissistic or self-absorbed, but this tight shot of my side profile is flawless. I love all the angular structures in the frame- my neckline, cheekbones, and the fish traps. It’s very in your face. 

And last but not least, I brought my Louboutins out to swim with the fishes (get it?!).  I love the severe pointy toe look combined with leather and florals. 

And that’s how you give your ordinary strapless dress a va va voom makeover! Now it’s your turn. Go!

On Me: 

Floral Dress- Macys
Jacket- Zara 
Shoes- Christian Louboutins
Earrings- Street Vendor
Sunnies- Forever 21

In Style, 



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