New York Style Map: Hunkering Down on the East Side

I have to reign in my emotions for this post because if left to my own devices, this will surely become a love letter to New York as opposed to a style post. Nonetheless, this particular photo session hits home. Literally. 

I like to boast that this was a no frills shoot. No makeup. No fuss. No preparation. The only thing I told Lindsay, my photographer, was, “I want to go back home. I want to be on the Upper East Side.” And what you’ll see here, is a small ode of love to the city that forever has my heart. 

Teaming up with Lindsay Madden, of Lindsay Madden Photography (, was also an extra perk. Lindsay has captured some of the sweetest moments of our little family. Along the way she became a friend. Her style is ethereal and whimsical, which is so up my alley. She’s easy going and methodical(but not limited), which makes it such a pleasure to shoot with her, when we’re not lost in conversation! So when I went back home a few weeks ago, we were both equally excited to work together on this fashion shoot for my blog. 

This is what spring looks like in New York. After a relentless polar vortex, mother nature got the memo. The flowers are starting to poke, the down coats have been stuffed away (but not too stuffed considering it is April in New York), and New Yorkers have an extra spring in their step. The weather was glorious while we were there, a warm welcome to the say the least. 

I was channeling the 90’s grunge gods with my look du jour. Remember when it was cool to layer your baby doll dresses with a tee ala Cher from Clueless? I was always a fan of that look and still sport it for the nostalgic declaration. 

Though I landed in the city wearing a leather jacket, I quickly packed that away. I love this black and pink sprinkled floral baby doll from Forever 21 and love how it looks layered with a grey crop top. It’s youthful and feminine- a perfect look for a spring day. 

These Cole Haan woven loafers were the only shoes I packed for the weekend. Besides being butter on my feet, they’re all purpose and go seemingly with anything. Hello tights! I’ve missed you. Tights in Miami are mythical so the smallest things like my black tights from last season, bring me the greatest of pleasures- holes and all! 

This olive green felt hat also from Forever 21 was a weekend staple. I love how it combines so well with the florals as does the pop of the kelly green cross body. If there were such thing a state purse of New York, this would be it. 

These two quintessential street shots are my Beatles moment. Or, my “many a drunk nights” happy hop. That’s probably more like it. But in all realness, this is me in my natural habitat. Blocks away from our apartment, walking home from a shoot, or grabbing a drink with a friend, or checking out an exhibit at the MET. This is me, lost in thought, thinking about where my next New York adventure will take me or really, how I forgot to put money on my metrocard. 

Either way, I heart NY. 

On Me:

Floral baby doll dress- Forever 21

Grey crop top- Forever 21
Loafers- Cole Haan 
Hat- Forever 21 
Purse- Marc by Marc Jacobs 

In Style,