Style Spotlight: Miami Brow Ninja Whips Eyebrows into Perfect Shape

I’m a creature of geography. I’m also a product of Manhattan so I don’t like to venture beyond my neighborhood for any kind of service unless it’s worth my while. And now that I’m back in Miami, there are very few things that take me past 57th Ave- or as I like to joke, suburgatory. But when it comes to my eyebrows, there are no limits to my commitment to excellence. I found my eyebrow salvation in the form of Lucy Rodriguez thanks to the wonderful world of social media (I’m talking to you, Instagram!). 

Lucy’s technique is reminiscent of the one used at the Anastasia Brow studio in the city, my go-to spot for many years when I was living in New York. I knew, without fail, that my eyebrows were going to be flawless when I got up from that chair, and that’s the same way I feel when I visit Lucy. First and foremost, Lucy listens because she genuinely cares about making you happy. To me, that’s key. She takes the time to talk to you about what you want, what shape you’re looking for, what works for you, etc. There are no surprises, and in this case, that’s a very good thing. I’ve been a victim of several eyebrow tragedies (overplucking, bald spots, pencil brows, shall I go on?) in the past, so I take my grooming very seriously and so does Lucy. 

Getting your eyebrows done with her, is like gabbing with a girlfriend who also doubles as an eyebrow ninja. What a perk! And now, Lucy has set up shop (a sweet little brow bar for herself and her fashionable clients) at Cheap n’ Chic Boutique on 67th and bird. What’s better than getting your eyebrows done while doing a little shopping?! Check out some of her work and my interview with her down below and you’ll understand why an appointment with her is worth the trip. 

FSF:  I have to scream it from the rooftops- “I love Lucy!” Seriously, I am so happy I found you. Actually, my eyebrows are. And now I want everyone to know about you. How does it feel to hear someone fawn over you and your work? 

LR: It makes me feel accomplished, really. Everyone feels insecure about something, so to make someone feel amazing, beautiful, and secure just by doing their brows is an accomplishment to me. 

FSF: How long have you been doing eyebrows and when did it become a livelihood for you? 

LR: I’ve been doing eyebrows for ten years but for the past seven years, it’s been my livelihood.

FSF: Your technique is very precise. Walk me through a virtual consultation. What do you take into consideration when you are doing a client’s eyebrows? 

LR: First I find your shape through your bone structure. That means I find the beginning, middle (the arch), and end of your brow. Then I map out your brow. Thirdly, I will tweeze and work around that. And lastly, I will teach you how to fill in your brows and contour them. I will also show you how to clean them up without messing with the shape. Each time you sit in my chair, you will feel confident that you will have the same shape over and over. 

FSF: Every technician swears by a method- tweezing, waxing, threading – what method works for you? 

LR: I do waxing and tweezing, but some clients can’t wax because of topicals or they’re just sensitive to wax.  That’s why I tweeze as well. 

FSF: What kind of shape should women embrace? 

LR: I believe women should embrace their natural shape. Not everyone’s face shape or bone structure is designed for a high arch or a full bold brow. 

FSF: Is there an eyebrow trend/shape that women should stay away from?

LR: I don’t know about staying away because I think it’s all a matter of style and how you carry that style. The first thing I look at is someone’s brows. And I think to myself, “She’s totally rocking that bleached blonde brow!” It all depends on the person. 

FSF: Have you ever met a bad eyebrow job you couldn’t fix? 

LR: I never say there is a bad brow job because the person that did the job was just doing their style and art. With that said, I do have people come to me to help grow out their brows and reshape them. There is always hope if you want that ‘bold, full brow.’ If you come to me with thin brows and you want a new shape, I can make that happen for you. It’s more about working with what you have and embracing it. 

FSF: I love a full, Brooke Shields inspired eyebrow. Is this a trend that’s coming back? 

LR: Absolutely! This is my favorite brow style. Full bold brows add a dramatic look to the eyes. 

FSF: Which celebrity eyebrows give you envy fever? 

LR: I have to say Elizabeth Taylor in the 50’s.  It was the prime of her brows. 

FSF: You found a new home at Cheap n’ Chic boutique in West Miami. Tell me why this transition to a boutique works well for you? 

LR: For me, it’s all about the energy and we work really well together. We also see that everyone loves the idea of of getting glam while shopping. 

** To book an appointment with Lucy, call her at (786)520-6005 or email her at ***

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