Miami Style Map: Feeling Free as a Bird in Miami’s Art District

I’m feeling fun and fearless in my rusty red Free People dress. I want it in every color because WHY NOT?  I love how it loosely hangs on my frame and sort of dances with each step or jump I take. For this particular look I shot with Lizzie from Rahaus Fotografie in Miami’s art district, I layered it with a grey Rachel Roy sweater. The sweater has some lace detail along the back which gives it a soft, bohemian touch. 

The shade of blue on this gate, which I like to call Grecian blue, is eye-popping but tranquil and really works well with the red of the dress. 

And keeping with the Free People spirit, I wore my studded lace up Free People boots for this look. I love the way the lace at the bottom of the dress meshes with the rough and tough hardware of the boots. I especially love the rest of the accessories on this outfit. The gold necklace, hat, and kelly green crossbody add to the already carefree “I’m on top of the world” state of mind I’m experiencing on this bright and optimistic Miami afternoon. The world is my oyster and that makes me jump (literally!) for joy. 

On Me:

Dress- Free People

Sweater- Rachel for Rachel Roy
Boots- Free People
Hat- Urban Outfitters 
Crossbody- Marc by Marc Jacobs 
Sunglasses- Forever 21 

In Style,