Miami Style Map: Finding My Architectural Style in Downtown Miami

Go ahead. Get wowed. That’s exactly what I did when Elizabeth, one half of Rahaus Fotografie, sent me the images from our recent photo shoot in Downtown Miami. To say I was blown away is the understatement of the century. Anyone that could make me look like I belong in a Neiman Marcus ad, is a visionary genius. 

She executed each look using a very precise artistic approach and one that I was happy to follow without question. There’s a method to Elizabeth’s madness. And these photos prove that she’s insanely creative. 

There’s something very bohemian about the Miami born-and-bred photographer. Maybe it’s her almost Brooklyn-like vibe that instantly draws you to her, or her quirky sense of humor, whatever it is, it’s that sense of easy familiarity that makes shooting with her such an adventure. 

The architectural layout of all the lines in the shot- be it horizontal or vertical- elevates this monochromatic striped look to another level. The proof is in the detail. The building in the background is a complimentary co-star to the black and white lines of my two piece outfit. The slicked back ponytail also plays in to the symmetrical tone of the setting. It’s such a pronounced shot, but the outfit still manages to steal the spotlight. 

I absolutely love this crop top because it’s loose fitting and sits just right over the high waisted pencil skirt covering what needs to be covered without having to try too hard. I love the way the light beautifully shines through these mid-century staircases and reflects against the crop top and the side of my face. It feels very vulnerable, only I was just trying not to slide down the stairs like a three year old. 

Marry the beast and keep the library. This shot is quintessentially me, surrounded by books, words, and pretty things. When Lizzie picked this location (shhh! locations are top secret and can’t be divulged) to photograph this monochromatic look, I felt completely in my element. I thought of Edward Hopper (yes, the painter) when I first saw this photo. Maybe it’s the distressed colors of some of the books and the way they’re  haphazardly organized, but it resonated with me as an abstract canvas. In plain English, it was F$%#NG cool! 

Oh hello, this is not a photoshopped butt. Somehow, this magical skirt gave me an instant butt lift, Ala Kim Kardashian, just not as vulgar. I love the floral motifs on the sides of the top and skirt. It’s fun and that’s what fashion is about. And because I’m a sucker for mixing prints, I paired the look with my peep toe leopard Louboutins. Voila! Now hand me a book. 

You wouldn’t be able to tell from this shot, but I was containing fits of laughter. Yes, really. Lizzie kept quietly yelling, “Smile with your eyes!” This is the best I could do. I’m seriously smiling with my eyes. I love the never ending rows of books that give the illusion you’re in some kind of literary tunnel. It’s quite masterful if you ask me.

Isn’t my makeup gorgeous? Jessie, of Makeup Artistry by Jessie, created this subtly smokey look with bright lips and darkened brows. And let’s talk about my gold adornments. I brought the JLO hoops out of retirement because nothing screams Miami louder than gold hoops. I added a clean textured gold necklace as to not distract from the overall look. 

My latest obsession is my kelly green Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody I scored for a steal. I’m not usually a fan of tassels but I love the simple detail. It’s another element of color that makes the outfit pop. You just can’t take your eyes off it. 

Here’s one final look at my two-piece monochromatic outfit. It’s deserving of a standing ovation. 

*** Check out more of Lizzie’s incredible work on her official site 

On Me:

Crop top and skirt- Mustard Seed (from Macys)
Leopard heels- Christian Louboutin
Crossbody- Marc by Marc Jacobs 

In Style,