Style Spotlight: Global Hairstylist With a Midas Touch Says Hello to Miami

A good hairstylist is hard to find- a great one, is a rarity and a prized feat. Six years ago, when I walked into the Warren Tricomi Salon at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, my search for ‘the most amazing stylist in the world’ successfully came to an end. Meet Emiliano De Pasqual. An Italian renaissance man by way of New York who has now brought his talent and good looks to our Magic City and her sexy clientele. If you’ve never had a life-changing haircut, then you haven’t had the pleasure of working with Emiliano. His technique is transforming and he knows precisely how to give you that perfect cut to compliment your face, your style, and most importantly, your attitude. Your hair speaks volumes as to who you are and who you want to be in the universe, and Emiliano has the ability to let your hair speak for itself- no words necessary. 

When he is not working at the Warren Tricomi at the W Hotel in South Beach, you can find him at the salon’s New York location  (where it is almost impossible to snatch an appointment with the mane man) one week out of the month. But no need to fret, fashionistas. Emiliano calls Miami home. In our sunny city of endless opportunities, he has big ventures waiting in the wings. 

Over a delicious meal of grilled fish (yes, he cooks too!) with yours truly, Emiliano dished on all things hair, style, and cheap extensions!

FSF:  When you first told me the news that you were moving to Miami I was heartbroken. Do you know how hard it is to find a good stylist? But then I moved down a year later and I had you back! You divide your time between New York and Miami but tell me why Miami is a perfect fit for your creative vision? 

EDP: My dream was always to live by the beach. I think Miami is the perfect fit for my creative vision because I see a vibrant city filled with energy and a lot of international appeal. It’s a hot spot for modern art and design. It’s a place with and extraordinary quality of life where my wife, Ana and I are raising our 10-month-old son, Dante.  

FSF: When did you first realize that your talent was worth sharing with the world?

EDP: Since I was a teenager I knew I had something special.
Emiliano works to bring alive the designer’s vision at New York Fashion Week. 

FSF: How do the hair trends differ from city to city?        Describe the style and trends in let’s say, Miami, New York and LA? 

EDP: Miami is all about sexy. The girls here love long and seductive hair. New York gives birth to trends every day and influences mainstream trends. It’s the fashion capital of the USA and it has a special energy that breeds just about anything. LA is more bohemian with beautiful blonde girls who have messy chignons and braids. I feel privileged to be able to work in two of the most inspiring cities in the world.

FSF: You’ve described your passion for styling as an art. What’s the difference between a cut as an art form compared to a regular cut? 

EDP: The essence of the art form is in listening to your client’s needs, understanding their hair texture, knowing their features, the mood they are in, and then being able to create something unique that personalizes and highlights their look right on the spot. I think it is important to study the history of hair, fashion, movies, music, and architecture in order to be prepared.

Emiliano and supermodel, Miranda Kerr, get into the selfie groove after a shoot. 

 FSF: You have styled some high profile celebrities. Who has been your favorite to work with? 

EDP: I am grateful for having had the opportunity to style many celebrities and models but I can’t choose a favorite because they were all fabulous. You can see pictures on my Facebook page.

FSF: You’ve worked on so many big events from New York Fashion Week to Art Basel. How do you prepare for these events and do the events/productions determine the look you’re going for? 

EDP: I always have magazines, books with images, clippings, art references so that I’m ready for whatever comes my way. All year round, I prepare myself by going to art openings, museums, watching documentaries, and attending music events. That’s how I love to fuel my many passions. I create individual style for my clients versus working the runway because that’s more about pleasing the designer and complementing the collection because the clothing is the highlight. When I style clients for weddings or events it’s much more fun to make them be whoever they want to be for a day.

FSF: Summer is nearly upon us and one of the biggest factors working against hair in Miami is the brutal humidity. What are some tips to keep frizz under control in this weather? 

EDP: The main rule is don’t fight the texture of your hair. But don’t confuse hair that needs nutrition, conditioning, and regular trims, with “my hair is frizzy,” damaged hair doubles as frizzy. All of my clients have first and foremost, healthy hair. For curly hair my favorite is the leave in conditioner, Warren Tricomi Curl Definer, along with the use of keratin once a year for the extremely curly hair. For fine hair, use Kerastase and I suggest using volumizing spray right before pumping it with a medium round brush. Another great product is Bumble and Bumble surf spray for a natural beach look.

FSF: What trends will we be seeing this summer that every woman should try out?

EDP: I think women should not follow trends. I help my clients find the look that is most natural while bringing out their unique features and maximizing their hair texture. A haircut that elevates your confidence and makes you feel great is a trend every woman should follow.

FSF: Is there a hair trend you wish would just go away? 

EDP: Cheap extensions. They not only create terrible damage but we all see that they are fake. Invest in your hair, it’s a major part of your life.

FSF: Not only are you a master with a pair of scissors, you also have a very unique sense of style. Who or what influences your personal look when you get dressed to head out the door? 

EDP: I like black. I like minimalism. I like Keith Rechards. I like Lenny Kravitz. My style is inspired by all these things. I appreciate craftsmanship, well-made clothes and accessories are the essence of a gentleman. My favorite designers at the moment are Hedi Slimane, Martin Margiela and Ricardo Tisci.

*** To Make an appointment with Emiliano in Miami or New York, call the locations below ***

Warren Tricomi- W Hotel Miami Beach 

2201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 673-9190

Warren Tricomi – The Plaza Hotel
The Plaza Retail Collection, 2nd fl., 1 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019
(212) 262-8899

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