Style Spotlight: Miami’s Pin Up Paparazzo is Front Page News.

When Italian director, Federico Fellini coined the term “paparazzo” to describe the pesky almost insect-like photographers that buzz about in his film, La Dolce Vita, there was one leading lady he didn’t take into consideration- Miami’s own, Logan Fazio, aka The Pin Up Paparazzo. 

Known on the field and on the set for her trademark bikinis, Fazio is easy on the eye and talented to boot. Most celebrities shudder at the idea of being photographed; but, when it comes to the Pin Up Paparazzo, most become star struck when they get a glimpse of the beauty behind the lens (just ask new dad Simon Cowell). 

It wasn’t easy to pin down this busy chick. Between frolicking with Sports Illustrated models and getting down and dirty in a mostly male marked career, Fazio is making headlines and front page news! 

Something tells me getting dressed for work is hardly a challenge when you have such a fun and colorful wardrobe of swimsuits to choose from (her swimsuit shots put some Victoria Secret models to shame! Find out why The Pinup Paparazzo is our Style Spotlight Star this week! 

FSF: How did you get started? 
LF: Well I’ve always been an art lover so in college I majored in studio art with a concentration in photography. When I got out of college, I did a lot of event photography like parties, weddings, and art openings. My love of music brought me into the world of concert photography, which eventually lead to red carpet photography. Throughout all of this, I was still waiting tables to make ends meet, and wasn’t really making money off my photography. Then I realized that after a red carpet event, the next day the celebrity would end up being photographed on the beach, and those pictures would run in all the magazines and on blogs. So for about five years now I have been shooting celebs on the beach!

FSF: How did u come up with pin up paparazzo concept?

LF:  The original concept was actually something I considered to be performance art and was based on society’s obsession with fame and what fame actually is. I felt like after doing this for so many years, I knew what a “good story” would be and I felt like a “hot paparazzo” would be a good story. I also knew the guys would photograph me if I showed up to work in a bikini. So I thought about it for a really long time and one day I just did it. The guys looked at me funny at first, just because I usually dress like them in a t-shirt and cargo shorts, but they all took a few pictures, and then later that day I was also photographed with Lenny Kravitz in the same outfit. The next day, The Daily Mail ran a huge story on “The Pin-Up Paparazzo” and my phone didn’t stop ringing for a week. So I did it, I proved that anyone could become “famous” and I figured it was finished and I made my point after getting on “Daily Mail”. That was in the beginning of December and I’ve been doing all types of interviews ever since! Besides being a commentary on fame, it’s also been a huge confidence booster for me! It’s made my life and my job more fun, I’m always messing around with different looks and fashion, I meet people on the job who have seen me on TV and want to take pictures with me, and I’ve brought a little bit of positivity to a job that many people look at as a very negative thing (paparazzi). So the whole project has really had many different outcomes for me, and all positive so far! Now I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to tell my friends or family that I’m a paparazzi, because that is who I am right now, and I’m glad I came out of the closet, so to speak 😉

FSF: Favorite thing to shoot? 
LF: A-listers in bikinis. Sunsets. Palm trees. Clouds. Old ladies. Weird people. Things in cities I’ve never been to before.

FSF: Favorite spot in Miami?
LF:  I love Miami. So many cool things to see and explore. The Beach, Wynwood, Upper East Side, Midtown, Downtown, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, I love it all. I love old hotels, new hotels, architecture, art, nature, and fashion, especially vintage. Miami has it all.

FSF:Your idea of a perfect day?
LF: Such a broad question. On Saturday I went to PAMM for the first time. It was amazing both outside and inside. Then afterward I went to Lost and Found for a burrito, and then I cruised through Wynwood during Art Walk. That was a pretty good day. I also love riding my bike around Miami Beach on a Sunday, especially if it’s not too hot and when the Lincoln Road Antique Market is happening. Pretty basic stuff. Another answer to that could be exploring a cave in Belize or snorkeling in Thailand.

FSF: Favorite moment in your career so far? 
LF: Well I have so many fun stories and paparazzi adventures, enough to write a book one day. But if I’m being snarky, and I am, I’d say the day I signed the papers on my dream condo, or possibly the day in the future when I quit paparazzi work and move on to something even bigger and better.

FSF: What do the male paparazzi think/say when you out snap them and get all the attention on the playing field?
LF: As long as I stay out of their way when we’re shooting, they’re fine 🙂 and they certainly don’t mind when my name shows up on their monthly statements, even if it only pays for parking or lunch 😉

FSF: How do you pick your “looks” when you’re out on the job?LF: I like to try do do “beach fashion” or “beachwear” instead of just a plain old bikini. So a vintage top and a bikini bottom is cool, or some fun accessories like great sunglasses or colorful jewelry. I’m really into tropical prints like hibiscus flowers or banana leaves. I like the idea of jumpers. Bright colors. I feel like the world of fashion has really opened up to me recently. I’ve actually only recently realized that putting on fun things makes me feel good and enjoy life more. What took me so long?

Want to learn more about The Pin Up Paparazzo? Check her out on Instagram @LoganFazio and on her Facebook Page

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